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The Rat part II

A little excerpt for you all, this would be part of "The Rat"

"What would this institute want with a man of my abilities." Delaney asked

"You came highly recommend by General McCall." the director for the Institute for Alternative Thinking said.

"and that is the only reason I'm here, as a favor to the General. With that out of the way what can I do for you Mr. Kolb"

"In 1995, before NATO started bombing in the Balkans you were in a small Albanian village." he paused for effect studying his guest.

"You saw atrocities that you had never seen before, even the Serbs could not have committed that slaughter."

"Then on your own you tracked those responsible, alone, afraid and killed them." Kolb finished.

'I have no idea what your talking about" Delanny countered wondering how the hell did this man for an institute that had nothing to do with
the military know about top secret information that only a handful of high ranking officials knew.

"Their not like us Mr. Delaney. There what we call the Flock."

"They may look like us, but they are certainly not human. We've tracked them for many years and have even eliminated some, but you
Mr.Delaney by far have done more than we could have ever hoped for"

"Look Mr. Kolb there must be some mistake but I honestly have no idea what your talking about. Yes I was in the military but I was never in Albania."

"I have something to show you Mr. Delaney this won't take a moment. Please come this way" The director said with a smile.


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