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The Rantings of a Pitiful Poet

The Eighth Circle (the Totem Sins)

The Seducers (The Snake)
View attachment 8662
whispers in the wind
a silver tongue and a wolf’s smile
the innocent fall
on the road to perdition’
the snake bares its fangs and bites

The Panderers (The Fox)
View attachment 8663
juicy meats ripe fruit
flesh peddlers virgins and gold
a barkers delight
anything for the right price
a touch a look and you’re hooked

The Punishment (The First Level)

The demon’s whips will repeatedly
rip though your flesh until only your
bones show… then your flesh will be
renewed and the cycle of pain
will again begin…

The Flatterers (The Weasel)
View attachment 8664
empty platitudes
sincerity with a wink
off key melodies
un- kept vows poison kisses
a weed amongst the flowers

The Punishment (The Second Level)

You will be covered from head to toe
In your own filth… your waste and bile
will be your only sustenance…

The Grifters (The Shark)
View attachment 8665
a slight of hand
dream makers heart breakers
fish in a barrel
now you see now you don’t
the golden fleece is just wool

The Punishment (The Third Level)

Your putrid souls will be immersed in
boiling pitch; eating through every
part of your rotted flesh. You will be
bedeviled and beaten by demons… for
your constant screaming annoys them…

The Hypocrites (The Worm)
View attachment 8666
consummate actors
do what I say not what I do
show time piety
church goers whore brokers
dirt behind the looking glass

The Punishment (The Fourth Level)

You will be plagued with all the diseases
of mankind. Your wounds will fester and
never heal. No succor will you be given.

The Thieves (The Monkey)
View attachment 8667
material rapists
quick hands fast feet empty purse
lazy vagabonds
while you sleep they steal your dreams
robin hood never existed

The Punishment (The Fifth Level)

You will be thrown into a hole filled with
venomous snakes where they will strike
and bite… and slither and crawl over your
useless body…

The Fortune Tellers (The Parrot)
View attachment 8668
forbidden knowledge
tools of the defeated gods
today’s parlor games
fate is in the hands of God
throw the dice at your own peril

The Punishment (The Sixth Level)

You believers of the false gods a
special torment is reserved for you.
Your heads shall be twisted to face
backwards; so never again will you
have the sight to see what’s before

The False Witnesses (The Rat)
View attachment 8669
the neighbor next door
oath breaker and traitor
a lawyers ally
puppet to the powerful
in the back will the knife land

The Punishment (The Seventh Level)

You will be used as fodder, a plaything,
by the demons that watch over you. You
will be abused, raped and tortured for
all eternity…

Hell is a very busy place…..


Reading your Mad Poetry, for me, is like watching a train hit a car... I can't avert my gaze. Don't tell anybody, but I wander in now and then to look around.
Maestro... you used your fabulous poetic scalpel to slice and dice , then served this SMoooooKin HOT!!! Loved them all, but really enjoyed the "Flatterer"... Thanks for a scathing read... peace always... Grasshopper
I thought I sneak in... couldn't leave without saying 'brilliant'

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