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The rantings of a mad poet

I'm a pagan apologist-Been one for over thirty years. Rather than writing convoluted essays about the spirits that reside in nature or having sparring contests with the monogamist and theistic communities about the many aspects of God or defending my position on the cosmology of the universe to those atheists; where science is their only god where the wonders and true nature of nothingness or the belief in the 'other ' is a delusion perpetrated by fools: I prefer a less stressful path. I defend the pagan positions through my poetry and prose.

I've been writing a Pagan Bible of sorts (the" Annexlexciam Conturium") for the past ten years. Its comprised of Three Main books -The Trinity Dreamscape- The Book of Sin- and the Apocalypsia. I have many years left till completion and may never see the whole of it published in my lifetime (that is no main concern of mine) for it is my legacy. When I'm no more than dust and tiny bits of bone; hopefully some of my poems and prose from my work will live on.

My reason for writing in these blogs is to share a little bit of my vision behind my work. I'll share a few of my poems and the thinking behind them. Some of you may find it interesting while others may find it the prattle of a deluded and uneducated mind. I make no claims that this is a masterwork or that I'm a literary wunderkind - on the contrary I'm just a old guy who has a passion for writing and has something he would like to share with like-minded individuals.

I'll sign off for now with one of my poems that was the inspiration for my third book (the apocalypsia)

Apocalyptic Snapshots # 1 (the 16h Apocalypse)
(Apocalyptic Moments)

as the walls came tumbling down
an itsy bitsy spider weaved its web
amongst the bug infested ruins of Armageddon
whilst the last rites of the red cockroach
(administered by mealy mouth maggots
whispering sanctimonious platitudes)
sent the faithful into a frenzy of despair

in the clear sparkling waters of heaven
an itsy bitsy spider laid its colorless eggs
amongst the pristine ruins of Avalon
whilst the coronation of the blue dolphin
(administered by God obsessed virgins
singing songs of jubilee)
signaled to the faithful that rapture was at hand

in the cold dark corridors of hell
the itsy bitsy spider gave a halleluiah shout
as it crawled back into the bloated belly of the beast

it’s the small things in life that go unnoticed…

(from the journals of “the four horseman of the apocalypse”)

till next time



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