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The Rantings of a Mad Poet (2)

All of my poetry and writings carry the same underling theme- that the light of heaven and darkness of hell are two sides of the same coin... As I've stated previously all of my writings are part of the same story. In these journals I'll lay bare the workings of my addled mind. The journals are for my own amusement but all are welcome to join my little roller coaster ride...

I wrote this piece over ten years ago. This is a very small part of a much larger piece but is the crux of where the world universe of my work began. I've updated parts of it to fit in with universe where my characters live. Although its a little raw and unsophisticated for those with a more discriminating mind this became the basis of my creation myth and the way that it views time.

The Flow of Time

The Tape of Time

Where does the past go when the present begins? Does it still exist with the same shape and form as the present? Is space and direction the only thing that separates the past from the present? Or does the past just fade into non-existence as present moments turn to future moments. When the present becomes the past when does the future become the present? What separates time from space? Is there a separation? Is it its direction or the amount of information each possess that differentiates the one from the other? When the present becomes the past does the past remain static, unchanging, unalterable or like the present is it fluid, changeable and in constant flux? What of the future? Does it exist now or is it yet to be? Is Time (past, present and future) just part of one big moment, a blink, a single flash, A Mote in Gods Eye. What lies outside of time? Are their definitive answers to these questions? Do these questions really have an answer? It all depends on who you ask. And if one were asking me I’d say YES through speculation, contemplation and most of all imagination..


A Recap of Time

Out of the nothingness of chaos where time does not exist a tiny stirring was caused by the un-caused. Out of No Space, space emerged, non-matter became matter and matter formed information, and that information started to move outward in all directions and thus began the Flow of Time. With a mighty roar and a “Big Bang” time started to flow and the universe was born rushing ever onwards towards it death so that it may die and be reborn again and again and again in the forever flow of time.

The Wheel of Time

Round and round and round we go where we end up is back to go. And so it goes with Time, forever turning and spinning, weaving and wobbling, twisting and bobbling, a loop with a loop and a circle within a circle, contained within itself with the beginning at the end and the end at the beginning, unbroken and seamless, locked in a forever battle. The wheel of time churns and turns with no beginning or end in sight; forever flowing, forever going, caught in the twisted loop of eternity.

Before the chains of time
(The dawn of heaven)

Imagine if you will a time when Time did not exist. The beginning did not yet begin and all that Was, and Is, and Will be, was yet to be, never to be, or already past. Pure Undiluted Bliss was this No Place; Non-Being in its Pure Unrealized State. The music of this nothingness was perfect in pitch, resonance and sound, one flawless note, beyond beauty, beyond perfection, beyond comprehension. In this nothingness does GOD dwell and that nothing is GOD; out of time, not created, not born, always to Be and to not Be. In this nothing that is called GOD dwelled all the energy that is GOD, an undifferentiated non-separated wholeness of nonexistence. All was in perfect equilibrium and harmony. And it was good.

(The war in heaven)

In the heavens of GOD all was perfection and harmony. The One Note rang throughout the heavens giving off a sound of indefinable power, peace and glory. An inexplicable stillness filled the heavens and freedom reigned. And then in the belly of this perfection a tiny stirring was felt, was heard, this vibration vibrated throughout the heavens and the One Note stretched into two then three and then turned into a discordant symphony. The war in heaven had begun.

(The fall from heaven)

The power and the glory yet remained but the stillness and peace of the heavens was disturbed with a cacophony of sound. The peaceful slumber of the unrealized and Omni-potential GOD was disrupted and all was not good. The heavens shook and the music waned as the unrealized GOD was about to waken and become realized. The singer of the One Note who allowed this symphony to be, out of a need and pride to create diversity, understood when the unrealized awakes all the heavens would cease to be. And a new note would form and be sung by another. As the singer tried to reverse the folly that he/she wrought and return to the equilibrium of the One Note; IT awoke.

(The dawn of hell)

The heavens were ripped asunder as IT awoke from its peaceful slumber. With a yawn IT split the singer and the chorus in half in two major chords; a Feminine and a Masculine. The feminine aspect was to remain in heaven and the masculine was to be no more. The masculine aspect of the singer pleaded for mercy and forgiveness and begged to make amends. GOD listened and took pity on the apostate and gave judgment. With the might of ITS breath GOD cast out the broken singer and half of heavens chorus from their heaven and home.

(The beginning of Time)

He was the brightest of all the stars of heaven, and even ripped and torn in half, he still shone with a fire of a billion suns. With a mighty roar and a Big Bang, he imploded and exploded out of the nothingness and the flow of Time began.


The Tick Tock of Time

We are finite creatures and although Time might seem infinite it too is finite. The physical universe adheres to the laws of entropy, the universe has an allotted amount of time and when that time runs out the universe ceases to be. The tick tock of Time will tick no more and all that was will be like it never was; total annihilation and oblivion; the ultimate death. If this is the case then what is all this talk about forever and eternity. How can there be a forever when there is an end?

The Trick of Time

When we die, every part of us dies, the brain, mind, heart, and everything that makes us, us, ceases to function. We become nothing more than food for worms, maggots and dirt. It’s what happens in the final microseconds before our death, as the light fades to dark; where the twisted loop of time plays its forever trick. The string is cut and the space closes to the outside world accepting no more information. All the strings of data, thought and memory recorded in our lifetime start to compress and contract and connect with each other in interconnecting loops. The rate of speed is slowed to an incalculable degree.
We relive our lives over and over in one loop and create new ones in another. Time slows yet the information flows as each loop weaves into the other. Time creates the illusion of forever as the last microsecond of our life stretches into an eternity trapping us in the heaven or hell that is created by the trick of time.

{found by Moseffa in the Dossilean Caves of Armageddon} –minor commentary was added to this piece by the’ roachcerian three’
(Chapter 99 of ‘The Book of Legends, Lies, and Myths of Hell and the Morningstar’)

Note: written by a shadow possessed –Attributed to be from the writings of Robert F Callaci, from the second gate portal zones of the Mundane Worlds. This same said writer is the 2nd born conduit who recorded the Trinity Dreamscape and the Snapshots while mind possessed by The Black Monk.

Annexlexciam E of ‘The Trinity Dreamscape’

Till next time



Bob not sure if you have looked into the biblical account of your theory. Google, first earth age. I thought if ever there were a untold story it was with this, theme is different but your thinking reminded me of it...Bob

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