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The Ramblings and Poetry Styles of a Mad Poet (sexual and violent content)

Writing poetry is a very subjective personal undertaking. Some you do for fun, a bit of commentary or an exercise in wordplay or form. While others delve more deeply into your psyche and reveal the bare bones of your soul. Some you can knock out in minutes or hours while others take days or even weeks or months to construct.

The poem below is a poem that took weeks to construct. it started as a form challenge on Sestina's on another site but it became much more than that for me. I'm essentially a dark poet who likes to fracture fairy tales and myth in the vein of the grim brothers. I love the macabre as well as the use of religious imagery. This piece walks along those lines. It shows a piece of my bones- I didn't write another poem for at least six months after this for I felt I left my blood on that piece.

I posted this piece on this site two or three years ago to unheralded in-acclaim for my name was forgotten and no one took notice of this long winded piece. But for me this is an important poem and one of my favorites that live in my world of my Epic Work the" Annexlexciam Conturiam "

crazy jinn’s and sleeping rabbis
(A Multi-Universe Apocalypse)

dirty faced urchins walk about the old dusty ruins searching for lost puppies and saints
while war weary soldiers low on bullets and bayonets spread vicious rumors and lies.
a busload of screaming virgins and angry prostitutes is stranded at the side of the road
where they are taken captive by foul smelling zealots stinking of sweat and hypocrisy.
Jesus kicks Mohammad in the balls as Buddha sings the virtues of the eight-fold path
while a 1000 sleeping rabbis are suffocated in their beds as their wives remain awake

the four horseman ride this earth seeking the end of all days so be vigilant and stay awake
all hail the white king as he sweeps across the world killing the infidels and their saints.
the red queen with hatred and malice in her heart destroys everything within her path
while the black knight blights the land with pestilence and spins his webs of bile and lies.
the pale rider strikes terror in the hearts of men and sees through all their petty hypocrisy
and tempts them with seven deadly sins, delightful vices that travel well on hells road.

pride filled with an overabundance of self love leads his motley crew down glory road-
sloth and gluttony lazily hop and trot alongside their siblings, hungry and barely awake-
anger spits at an effigy of cousin patience, a sanctimonious virtue who reeks of hypocrisy
lust feels all warm in the pit of her loins as her juices are lapped up by red faced saints-
greed’s shriveled heart is sickened by those gullible fools who listen to generosity’s lies-
envy feels contempt for harlots and kind hearted fools who dare to embrace virtues path-

wolves raid the chicken coop and butcher Little Bo Peeps sheep down off the beaten path
as all the kings men eat Humpty Dumpy and mutton for brunch by the inn down the road.
the cowardly lion rips the head off the Cheshire Cat for telling Dorothy scandalous lies
while the munchkins tie Alice up, rape her and shoot her up with dope to keep her awake.
the old lady in the shoe eats steak while her kids gnaw and chew on bones of dead saints
while Snow White and her licentious dwarves dive ass ways into the seas of hypocrisy.

while in mortal combat: Batman and the Joker expound on the root causes of hypocrisy.
mad with grief over Lois’s death Superman forsakes the light and embraces Satan’s path.
the guardians of the universe order Green Lantern to protect the secrets of the false saints.
Aqua-Man unable to breathe in the desert air, suffocates to death at the end of the road.
Wonder Women smashes Thor’s hammer to tiny bits of flesh and bone that lays awake
those gross desires that sets her loins and mouth on fire for fruited flesh and juicy lies-

monsters hide under beds and in closets of little boys and girls; whispering monstrous lies
on a full moon; madmen, goblins and demons feast on the blood soaked sins of hypocrisy
and once full, vomits putrefied remains into the Beast; so that It remains alert and awake.
Kali and Shiva lay waste to the cities and sins of Islam and Christendom and a new path
is forged out of a clay road of elasticity rather then that mud filled broken down old road.
Buddha laughs at the futility of endless battles perpetrated by heroes, villains and saints-

tricksters sinners and saints feed and thrive on chaos and lies
the road left is engulfed in hellfire and rain while the right is filled with hypocrisy
only in the middle is the path well tended and its travelers fully awake

(from the recordings and writings of Santo Nicola, The Black Monk)

till next time


I really liked the interesting use of imagery, from Jesus to Batman. The latter of which is one of my favorite heroes! While I'm not religious myself, I still always thought using it could be really cool if done right, the movie 'As Above So Below' being a good example in my opinion.

Anyway, since you started off talking about it, I always enjoyed finding out why others write. Often, as you said, the writer / poet leaves their demons coursing through their work. That's what I do. It's a method of expressing myself, venting, and those sorts of things.

But yeah. While I'm more a fan of shorter, minimalist stuff, this was still good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and works Bob.
it read like many seperate pieces....more of a crossover between prose and at times biblical stories..i found it all a bit confusing and often had to read over in relation to one stanza'a relation to the other.....man there's was alot that went into this and it's complexity may be it's strongest point..cheers lad

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