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The Price of Steel:Ch 1-"Only the Strong" (PROFANITY, GORE, SEX)

Fivetide;1773574 said:
Glad you liked it. Apparently I do nasty quite well, in fact I have been called sick and warped by several critics, high praise - I think lol:

Blondie was in agony, the heat was beginning to blister her young legs, soil covered red high heels began to steam and smoulder. Her psyche squirmed and yelled, trapped within its useless carcass. The smell of barbequing flesh reached her nostrils. An immobile body incapable of escape was pumping adrenaline into her bloodstream, counteracting the natural reflex to pass out, and prolonging the cruel pain. Her mind writhed in agony, tears gushing down soft cheeks, blinded by the intensity of the tortured nerves, a heart drumming like a jack rabbit, threatening to burst her heaving chest wide open. Hell was the makeshift oven of a German car; this would become the last grotesque memory for a young girl. Fate still had a last nasty twist to serve, soon her dress would catch fire and then the pain would intensify by magnitudes.

- full short story http://www.thezombiefitnessprogram.com/uncategorized/chapter-144709-time-hiding-places/


Glad you posted this. I had only noticed the links to full chapters on your site, didn't realize that you had additional excerpts!!

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