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The Poetry Conundrum

I am scared silly

For the coming month.

What have I committed to?

A poem a day!

My head wants to explode

Even now -

Just two days before!

Can I do it?

Will I fail?

How long does said poem

Need to be?

Two lines? Ten?

A piece of epic proportions?

I obsess, I worry, I doubt


I shall try my best

To deliver

A poem a day!


Love it!

I've participated in the NaPo challenge for the past 2 years and it's tough yet fun. :eek:nthego::eek:nthego:
Lol! Thanks! I just came to write my thoughts in prose, but suddenly it became a poem.

We'll see how it goes! I'll probably be doing one up last minute each night.
I think of NaPo as the Dyno-Rod (drain cleaning solution) for writer's block. :) I only allow myself an hour to write each poem and then post what I have. For me it is the discipline of making myself sit down and write.
I'm always afraid I'm not going to have an idea for one. So, I'll be going through life next month looking for good ideas everywhere I go.

Can we rework stuff we have done already, or do they all have to be new ones? Just a wonder. I'm good either way.
Not positive if they have to be brand new
but the way I see it, if I add new lines to
an existing few old lines and create a poem,
it’s acceptable...an old idea with new
If I’m wrong, someone please tell me...

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