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The Poetic Etchings of a Mad Poet (slight language)

One of my most favorite characters that I give voice too in some of my poetic ramblings is Lucifer Morningstar. In my poetry as well a prose I try to write in different distinct flavors. Since my work is a creation story about the beginning middle and end of Creation I try to give voice an assorted group of characters. The Morningstar was the first voice I wrote in :

This piece is a favorite of mine as I try to give a Gilbert and Sullivan vibe to the piece. I love their operettas--

No Pepper No Spice

I yearn for peace and tranquility
as well as grace’s gentle gentility
but my pride overshadows my humility
leaving me wallowing in spiritual decay and sterility
which can be quite a major liability
when one hungers for growth and stability
but lacks all patience and mental acuity
due to promiscuity and no continuity

To attain true peace and tranquility
one must be graced with utmost gentility
respecting all with sincere humility
without reward and no trace of hostility
relying on patience spiritual growth and ability
casting aside pride with all its ambiguity
that empty struggle in foolish futility
which only leads to irrational irritability

If that’s what it takes to have peace and tranquility
Count me out: I’ll keep my pride passion and hostility

(Memoirs of LuciFer Morningstar)

In this piece I tried to give rise to His Humor:

The Path

moderation celebration
self-mastery and restraint
keep it simple in the middle
no need to be a saint

inclination destination
fairness and joviality
sober thoughts not retorts
don’t forget frugality

do your best make time for rest
let temperance guide you not duress
be vigilant! don’t take that nap!
forget about fun and all that crap

(The Lost Writings of the Immortals)

And this poem His Anger

The Desert GOD

are but
a speck of dust
a mere dot on an empty page
an insignificant afterthought
amongst this vast desert
of beauty and desolation
which I alone

have polluted
my glorious landscape
with your petty whims
obscene desires
and arrogant need
to control and manipulate
not of your domain

understanding is not
a virtue you possess
for if you did
you would then
know my

Crimson Light
Desert Night
Never again
a SpiritBright
GODS’ Word was spoken
burnt and scarred
wings seared
bones broken
cast out
thrown aside
for an act of pride
I fell
Made My Hell
and devour all
Who Enter

and that means


you dung infested arrogant little bastards…

(memiors of Lucifer Morningstar)

till next time


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