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The Past is Real


I was going through my soundcloud and found my old recording of my band's first live recording session at the studio we recorded our first demo tape at.

I play the lead guitar/harmony (all the grainy and really loud guitar is me).

This was our first single.

I miss this song because it was a total enigma; I approached it as a melodic blacken'd death metal song, and the rhythm approached it as a hardcore/grindcore type thingamajigger. Essentially, the singer who replaced this one screamed like a fucking lunatic, so we subsequently settled on a melodic deathcore band and tuned down to A#.

This live session was from before then when he was in drop D and I played the harmonies in standard tuning; the dichotomy between our technique blended into something that cannot be reproduced without the same niggas, lol.

The melodic elements are all me, though; I essentially wrote the entire song around whatever the rhythm section wrote.

Before this I was a technical speed thrash rhythm player, but whatevs, I wanted to play lead this time. The band failed horribly, but we had six FUCKING AMAZING songs that destroyed buildings when we went on stage.

This was our "commercial" single.

All that aside, I posted this for two reasons:

It's a great fucking recording, and I feel like it deserves a listen, if you're interested.


Indeed it deserves a listen, RoP! I am not receiving the best sound quality because of my present location but it has power!
I was thinking of editing and selling the lyrics... Shark (the vocalist in this recording) wrote them, but theoretically, I own it.

I was going to change some of it anyway, but the new vocalist wrote whole different lyrics and I stopped caring.
RhythmOvPain;bt12604 said:
I was thinking of editing and selling the lyrics... Shark (the vocalist in this recording) wrote them, but theoretically, I own it....

You know, a lot of famous performers made most of their money writing, not performing. Including Dolly Parton.
Now, there's a role model for ya.

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