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The Outhouse Spurned Incident

June 22nd 2012
‘The Outhouse Spurned Incident’​

The Oregon Kid nearly felt the direct wrath of the Mountain Man one morning when I woke up and was outside my tent.

I saw MMM walking past, his face like thunder, with one of the spades we’d used for digging out the rock hole.

I caught some angry words from him then MMM suddenly turned to the mountain side and hurled the spade in the air towards the mountain side.
He loped off in it’s direction.

I caught up with Mike at the earthworks area of the bunker and tried to ascertain what had happened…

I soon learned that The Oregon Kid was not interested in using the Outhouse we’d put all that effort into and was still digging ‘holes’ instead. This annoyed MMM.

This time in particular he’d taken one of the good shovels (instead of the ‘natures use’ shovel) and went walking up the mountain land. This annoyed MMM even further, who followed in hot pursuit!

Then when the Kid started moving into the fresh water springs area Mountain Mike’s understandable fear was that the Rookie lad would ‘drop trousers’ and pollute our water supply!

He followed the Kid at a distance and thankfully the OK suddenly decided to turn left and move away into the national forest area. At this point he gave Mike the slip.
A short while later the shovel showed up back at the camp area with no sign of the elusive Oregon Kid.
After hearing Mike’s account I thought it wise to intercept the Kid before MMM did and make some peacemaker moves.

I asked the OK what he was playing at not using the Outhouse.
The Kid’s answer to that was he didn’t like the Outhouse as he was afraid his squatting ‘aim’ was off, also he didn’t like the smell.

Very fishy, but then again he is straight out of a state capitol city.
I told him that Mike feared he was going to ‘dump’ at the springs area.

At this he gave a strange arm’s-aside ‘gangsta’ type response which I thought looked foolish given the wilderness we were in and not some ghetto.
He said he’d never do such a thing to Mike though and I believed his intention.

I told him that MMM actually saw him trapsing about the springs area with the shovel which is why he got worried.
“Wow that’s creepy dude, I actually wondered if he was following me and I was moving around so he wouldn’t see me ‘doing my thing’!” The Kid answered.
I told him that Mike feared he was going to [email protected] in the Springs area, which was why he was following him to make sure he wouldn’t!
The Kid was worried now that there would be Mountain Rage from Mike and I assured him not to worry.
I wondered if MMM had rattled him into scuttling up to the springs area having taken the shovel. Also not all folks know that you shouldn’t ‘dump’ within 100 feet of a water source also, so maybe it was just his inexperience showing.

I passed on the account to MMM. He’d calmed down now but was not convinced the Oregon Kid was entirely innocent, he pointed out that the OK had only decided to head away from the springs area after he’d been spotted. Or so it appeared anyway.

Still the matter seemed to be closed until we were digging at the big rock later that day.
I noticed that the Kid was pushing himself too hard and told him to go easy, there was no rush.
He responded that he didn’t want to keep Mike waiting for dirt to be filled to which I said he wouldn’t mind.
The OK said he feared upsetting Mike and triggering his ‘Mountain Rage’.

Later that night I decided to sleep in the ‘Wolverine’ as it had been getting cold in the tent the past few nights. Were it was parked I had a view of the private road and MMM’s Tuff Shed.
The Kid had gone on his wandering and returned much later than usual, I noticed him pick up a rock, then throw it in the direction of the Tuff Shed. The rock went just to the left of it and missed but I thought it odd, perhaps the Kid was still angry at Mike for some reason?


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