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The Other Half

Do you hate the rich? It's OK, many people do.

It's totally understandable as well. No other group in modern history had been so maligned as the wealthy. You can blame them for just about everything. THEY are the reason you don't have a job, they shipped yours overseas. THEY are the reason your kid is poorly educated, they send theirs to private schools and suck the money out of public institutions. And so on. We are bombarded with these messages daily.

There's only one problem. I work with them. You may be surprised to note that they are people, a lot like you.

Oh, sure. There are many differences. Most of us don't have solid twelve foot high doors gracing our marble entry. Nor do most of us employ landscapers, nannys, housekeepers and estate caretakers that wrangle the help. Nope. We look at those differences, and we form a construct that the rich are different people. They are not.

I see a lot. It's hard not to, doing what I do.
Are you interested in challenging your perceptions? Do you want to learn something about those you have been taught to hate? I'm here.
I have a lot to say, but only if the community here wants to listen. Any takers?


I would say its not about hating the rich, its more to do with disliking the way our western society has got onto a merry go round of greed and lust for richness. Wealth generation is now the goal as opposed to the means to our goal (which should be security and prosperity). We have a short sighted policy when it comes to our future. Everything is about making money....why? The rich just do what anyone else would presumably do in their situation. But that doesn't make it right.
I agree with Rob. I would also like to put in that I recognise there's a difference between those who are rich due to the hard work they've put into whatever it is they love to do and those who do nothing but inherit riches of their parents and grandparents. If I were to say that I hate anyone, its those rich; the ones who do nothing yet are rich.

I work for a pair of architects and even if I didn't know them personally, I could tell you which of them was born into a wealthy family and which has worked hard to make the good money he has, simply on their spending habits. The one who has worked hard is a thrifty spender; the other is not.

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