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The Other Cabin Folk

The Other Cabin Folk

MMM is not completely alone in the area. There are other folks, mostly pretty good and decent people too.
While there are some ideological swings and differences, all pretty much like the idea that they are away from the city and all it’s machinations.
I’d say most are hospitable, indeed good food is always on the table and conversations are interesting and varied!

Water Resupply!


There's plenty of ways to get fresh water in the wilderness.

Yet if you need plenty of water at one time there's few better ways than a pick-up truck and a large 500 gallon capacity water tank.

The only thing that remains is to get the water from the spring into the tank....

The smiling survivalist you see in this video sure does it with style...

What you see here is just one way, but there's plenty of more ways to ensure survival in the wilderness.


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