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The Obsene Rantings of a Mad Poet (language warning)

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that no one believes us or even sees us is our Strength

Beastie Seeds #15

on we sings with severed wings
twisted toes and other things
we crawl slides and hides
in your hairy thighs with well worn lies
and bug assed eyes
we fight bite sting and stink
lick suck fuck and drink

to make you bleed so we can eat and feed
on your tainted sacred seed

it’s what we need…

The Beastie Fade #16

on blackened wings
on we sings
of nicer days
and better things
why bite kick fight and shout
when no one cares what we’re about

we question things
and now we doubt
what to do to make it right
do we fly straight up
towards the light
or adjust our sights
to pitch black night

we thinks
and sinks
and thinks
and sinks

we licks our wounds
and accept our dooms
onwards we fly
we get zapped and we die
but we fights kicks and we shouts
knowing truly what we is abouts

crawling on sore bellies
with severed wings
on we sings on we sings
singing about ghastly and ghoulish
beastie queens and kings
and other nasty little things

(beastie psalms)


did you do the artwork..?..it's very good and once again the poetry was a brilliant read

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