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The Next Step

I just moved on in "the next step" for the sequel I can probably never publish ... but that doesn't mean I'm not going to explore it.

I contacted someone who might carry some weight with the agency in charge of the author's estate. At least if he likes the book and would give me a letter of introduction and recommendation, it could help. He's interested in reading the novel, and agreed he always thought the original needed a sequel.

This morning my wife and I both completed our Nth reads of the manuscript. I think it's six for me, and three or four for her. It's as clean as we're ever going to be able to get it. With that done, I sent the email to make the contact, and got a response within a couple of hours. He asked to see the manuscript, so I sent a mobi and an epub.

Whether he likes it or not is more or less the make or break point. If he likes it, he can introduce it to some other people with pull. If he doesn't, then I'm back to my original goal ... scratch my own itch for the next sequence in the story. :)

Crossing my fingers, though.


PiP;bt15476 said:
Fingers crossed!

Later this evening I got an email from him telling me he's going to read it directly after the book he's currently reading, and asked if I'd mind if he passed it along to other members of the board of directors of the organization which carries on several programs begun by the author.

I told him, "If you like the book, I'd be delighted for you to share it." So that's still the crux. Did I write a book the author's fans will enjoy and accept. If he likes it, my chances of getting the Agency to accept it go WAY up ... if I can get members of the board to give me letters of introduction to the agent.

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