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The Morning After...

Feels strange titling my first blog entry as I have, considering I'm ready to turn in for the night...

...It's the feeling I have after finishing another novel, but the first I can look at with a degree of objectivity and think maybe, just maybe. - In a way, I wish I didn't have that flutter inside at the prospect it may of a standard. - Perhaps I long for the days of naivety, where I'd excrete SPAGless prose onto Booksie and lap up the likes and feel that I'd hit the big time.

It feels serious now, and that is draining.

The beta readers have the book. - Would that there were a few more, but four will have to do. - One of the hardest things is asking someone if they will read it... - Damned polite foolish Englishman that I am...

Anyway, it's late and I am more used to microblogging on Twitter, so white flag, lights out and good night.


Huge congratulations on getting to this point! I would happily have a read if you want another beta? I don't have the expertise to give in-depth nuts and bolts critique but if you're after an extra person to read it and give their overall impressions then I would be pleased to help.

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