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The Metal

It's like everything that I live for, everything that makes me whole can be provided by metal. Maybe it's just being a musician, but I feel like this entity inside of me has been here for a lot longer; I fell in love with metal when I was like 9. It was Black Sabbath - Wicked World that turned me. To this day, I find it to be a brutal metal song. It's crazy how a song written in 1969 could epitomize what was to come. The birth of all metal in a simple jazz riff.

Metal comes in so many forms now, it's hard to really classify it all. I lean towards the kind with superior musicianship, as I am a guitar player who really does defy expectations of what is possible with six strings. I've loved thrash since I really got into metal, but my love of classic metal like Ozzy and Iron Maiden, as well as my love for more abstract music such as Electric Light Orchestra, Chicago, and The Doors, including my love for Baroque and melodic music has led essentially left me loving hundreds of metal bands in roughly ten different languages, from the 1980s to 2015, all the way through death, black, power, thrash, and extreme, and in more sub categories than you can name with all of your extremities squared.

METAL MUSIC is the most powerful phonetic force on this earth we live in. Within the magnetic frequencies and the noise lies some kind of mystic power that creates a kind of euphoria that no drug or any other kind of medium can really reproduce.

It's a pure euphoria. One that in many cases can be reproduced anew relatively easily; all you need is a new metal song.

I'm only 26, but I can't front. I've heard more metal than a lot of people. I haven't met a single person who I can't stump as far as "have you heard of so-and-so?", and frankly, Eddie Trunk can suck my left nut. I know more about metal than he does.

More people should listen to metal. It's like, you hear one Cannibal Corpse song and all of the sudden metal is evil and stupid.

I've heard some rap songs that REALLY make me lol in that respect. But I won't get into that. The racial profiling against metal has really gone down the tubes lately, but the kind of metal that's become more popular in direct response to the popularity of the more mainstream variety is pathetic.

Extreme metal comes in many forms. Despite the fact that it may be hard for some people to distinguish the difference between vocalists, two are seldom as similar as rappers or folk singers who legitimately make me want to load a gun and shoot people behind how FUCKING STUPID they sound.

At least screamers put conviction into what they're saying. Christ.

ANYWAY, there's plenty of metal that doesn't involve screaming like a lunatic. It doesn't even take that long to find a good metal song if you peruse YouTube long enough. There's just too many of them not to find one.

If you take the time to look, you will find. That's something about metal that I really love. I've heard literally thousands of individual metal bands over the years, and at least 500 or so of them are probably comprised of the greatest musicians in the history of music.

Singers be damned, the instrumental metal I've listened to can make you cream.

I'm talking roughly fifty years of metal music. Hard rock, rock, it doesn't matter.

Metal consists of EVERY GENRE of music EVER DONE.

If you can think of it, from polka to children's songs, it's been done metal.

Look and you will find.

Give metal a chance and see if it doesn't improve the quality of your god damned life. Metal is something to be enthusiastic about. More so than any other form of music I can think of. There's too much energy, too much creativity, too much and too strong of a reaction to deny the power that metal has as a form of music.

I proclaim that any one person can find ONE metal song at any given time that will be their new FAVORITE song, regardless of their initial musical persuasion.

Stop hating. Metal is still going to be here whether you like it or not, just like pop, just like rap.

Thrash metal is still as alive as it was in 1985. Folk metal is better now than it was in 1997 when it was still developing. Power metal is fucking retarded crazy now, and that shit came UP from some crazy shit to begin with. There's operatic metal, bubblegum pop metal, dub-step metal, techno metal, there's rap metal, swing metal, there's even Hindu chanting metal, which is real interesting.

There's a ridiculous amount of metal to listen to. North America, South America, Africa, East and West Europe, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, essentially every square inch of the earth has at least 10 to 10,000 metal bands playing or practicing at any given minute.

There's so many musicians with such incredible talent in metal, that frankly, I can't see any reason anyone would deny the quality of their musicianship.

There are too many singers to use vocals as an excuse, and there are too many kinds of metal with too much of a variety of lyrical content to use THEM as an excuse either.

Just listen to metal. DO IT. I fucking dare you.


There is something about metal, I agree. I surprise more people when I tell them I am a metal fan, Being an old guy who is Christian, Conservative and a Grandpa some how I must not fit the image of what a metal fan is. Something about the power that stirs you up that can't be faked or duplicated with other types of music. I have a simple philosophy when choosing music, if it does not sir you to either drive faster or want to have sex, what is the point. I expect music to get my heart rate going, metal is one of the few types of music that consistently delivers
Grew up on Metallica, Anthrax, and Pantera, which were as metal as I thought I ever needed. Until I got exposed to the 'What Song' thread on WF and our buddy Pidgeon84, who's a very good resource for all things metal. It has just been the past year or so that I've discovered Amon Amarth, Goatwhore, Behemoth, and Lamb of God -- all of which have also introduced me to listening more carefully to the musicianship that is contained within good metal rhythm and riffs, not to mention vocals. It's given me a new perspective on music and I've found metal to be a great outlet for stress and anger.

Great post!
I think I was around 9 as well and we were getting home, a song came on the radio that blew my mind, the guitars speed all of it, this was Heart Barracuda. I had always listened to my parents music but this was the first time I found mine. I have since been partial to the ladies, Otep, In this Moment, Butcher Babies etc.

im almost 50 and the radio is stuck on Liquid Metal or Ozzys boneyard on Sirrius.

I also play guitar, EBMM JP7 and a Kelly 6 with EMG's through an Orange Dark Terror.

Needless to say I hear you and feel the passion, I will always be a metal fan, it my way of life as well.
The only stinking radio stations that I get are rock stations that play a good variety of old and new music.

I believe that too. I can't sit down when I listen to music. I stand up, walk around, actively daydream. I just had to buy a new mp3 player because after a week without it I was going crazy.

My tastes are more broad, I pretty much listen to every genre of music, but I believe metal in general does have a specific energy that other forms of music can't quite deliver, and it's very gratifying.

My brother listens to a very specific sub-genre that I forget. I think he called it metalcore? Don't quote me on that, haha.

It's the younger guys with lighter voices that do the higher screaming. All the bands similar to linkin park almost. He listens to aaall of that.

I prefer Five Finger Death Punch myself, but they have a lot of haters... I simply agree with their message in many of their songs. The lead singer is actually a really nice guy. I love his stage presence during their live concerts.

Otherwise I listen to Skillet. Not sure what genre it fits in. Technically Christian Rock, but I find it's a bit darker then that. *shrugs*
Crowley, do you have a 'skullet?'

I don't know why I thought that was funny in my head. Ever seen a skullet? Marvelous hairstyle.
I stumbled across this trying to find an an old post and immediately was interested. Personally I love metal that involves "screaming like a lunatic." It's funny; I grew up on hippie Jesus rock, but it was only a matter of time before I got into metal, given the fact that my favorite book of the Bible since I was seven has been Revelation. . .

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