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The Mad Writings of a Haunted Poet

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The First Circle (The Forgotten)

tombstones and ice picks
faded memories lost dreams
pagan misery

in hell we were sent
forever to lament
no sins do stain our heart
no sins need we repent
upwards we always look
crossed out in heavens book

born before His time
considered a Godly crime
the resurrection
was not meant for us

original sin
did us in

Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!​

The Second Circle (the Lust Driven)

I curse all ye little sinners
As you feed on your petty lusts
and twisted dreams
you hide under the pillow of prayer
and false supplication. You pet
your dog and kiss your wife but
in your secret life you pant and salivate
into that black hole of dark desire.
Who do you think to deceive with your
show of piety and good intentions.
You are not your own judge:
It’s your soul who decides

Down you go into your hellish pit
Let the winds blow you away
like a feather, and when you fall
to the ground; let your weight be that
of lead

Forever so shall it be


"The Lust Driven"

"As you feed on your petty lusts
and twisted dreams
you hide under the pillow of prayer
and false supplication"

This and the entire close are my favorite lines here.

Hiding under a pillow of prayer was particularly effective imagery... inspired.
You pay your Muse OT?


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