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The Mad Rantings of a Delusional Poet

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These be my Beasties-

On these blogs I intend to reintroduce A series of poems about my little beastie beauties. I have been writing about them for a while as they are very dear to my heart. I introduced these lovely's on this site over ten years ago- it has come to their attention that they've been forgotten which doesn't sit well with them. They are crawling inside my brains screaming to be heard. They can be a nasty little bunch.

Icky stickly beasties #1

Icky stickly little creatures
Crawling, creeping, laughing, weeping
Nightfall falling, horror calling
Shadow beasties grouse about

In this night of darkly sorrow
Death is knocking, howling, screaming
Head is reeling, talons squeezing
Soul is bleeding, beasties feeding

In the cracks in hidden darkness
They are waiting, watching, thirsting
Not the innocent just the wounded
Forever feasting, terror breathing, never sleeping

They are demanding that one more of their rantings be heard

beasties beasties everywhere #2

When the tide is very low
and the nightfall at its deepest
One can see the shadows dancing
down beneath and far below

Never sleeping always hungry
Fear and loathing is our clothing
Wings a flapping jaws a snapping
Frenzied frantic beastie dance

All we beasties gather about
The meanie beasties hip hop and shout
The feastie beasties bite chop and pout
The human beasties are evil devout

Arise! Arise! You mangled demons
Time to fly in gloomy nightlight
Let our terror be all consuming
Horror! Horror! Is thy name

Be quiet... they are falling asleep and my brain has stopped bleeding- look under your beds and check out your ears they"re coming for you too.....

till next time
my god my head hurts


Thanks for sharing. I am coming back tomorrow to disect this so I know what you did to make these words dance in my head. I'm trying to learn more about poetry and I love rhyming poetry, and yours were delighting me in all kinds of unexpected places :)

My beasties thank you for appreciating their little dance they did in your head. They're delighted that they delight you and hope that you visit them again...

my warmest
bob and the beasties

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