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The Mad Madly Mad Writings of a Delusional Poet

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we knows you hates us but it's that hates that feeds us you tasty little human worms

Beastie Mommy #11

In the cold breath of moonlit night
beasties howl in crescent light
crawly creepies weeping shrieking
shivering quivering slithering withering
wing torn dragons scarred and broken
moaning groaning sighing writhing
shadow dandies cringe in horror
growing floating bloating exploding
bellies flopping hip hop hopping never stopping
sin is fading
evil waning
beastie babies and all their kin
burn away in luminosity’s might

but never fear my beastie dears
for it’s only just a brief respite-

for come the morrow
on and after
the mommy beastie
hums and waits
dimming of the
moonlit moon
lays its eggs in dim dark corners
weaving webs around our hearts
making light fade into darkness
where beastie babies swarm about
singing and stinging and doing their shout…

~Thanks Mommy~

Beastie Bones #12

Dirty bones
Unread tomes
Double sin
Rotting skin
Burnt and broken
Words not spoken
Misused knowledge
Beastie College
Horror hoorah hooray
Our souls we sold away
Moonlight swim
Bedtime dim
Hollow be thy way

unwarmest regards from the beastie gang


Now, I have my fire kindled....glorious ode to every dark thing that squirms, swims and slithers through the dark of my mind...Thanks Word Wizard Extraordinaire.....
I feel like this is what a beastie mom would tell her beastie kids before they went to bed at night! Beastie story time!

Always love reading your stuff ^_^

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