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The Mad Mad Rantings of a Delusional Poet

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We beasties are furious- are we nots quite glorious as- wes were flogged and whipped to page number 2. So now we gives you more reading to do....

Feastie Beasties #5

Now to bed,
Sleep deep, not lightly
For in the slumber
You’ll meet the dead

They prey upon
The weak and wounded
That’s what beasties
Feed and gnaw on

Think good thoughts,
While sleep is falling
Block the darkness;
Be not distraught

Don’t get caught
In nightmares fancy
Winged beasties posed as pixies
So enchanting much to chancy

Befalling heartache lay to rest
No need to join the dispossessed
Stay alert, not dark and dreary
While you sleep or you’ll pay dearly

Only the Wicked do Beasties Eat #6

Little browns don’t make a sound
They prick our skin to make us frown
Yellow-greens hip hop around
They make our bellies jump up and down
But beastie reds crawl in our heads
While sleeping soundly on our beds
They eat and feast, devour whole
A little pocket within our soul

Oh daddy mommy what should I do
Don’t let the beasties eat me too
I’ll say my prayers and do my chores
Please protect me from there festered jaws
I’ll take a bath, clean beneath my ears
Don’t let them prey upon my fears
I’ll go to school and study hard
Keep them forever out my bed and yard

Misunderstood from children so
Only the wounded do we go
We hunt and feast of those our kind
Whose souls are twisted by Mankind
So tell your mommy and daddy too
To tell the truth about what we do
Fore if they don’t they’ll feel our wrath
And then you’ll need to take that bath

see ya till we see ya again
the beastie crew


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