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The Mad Mad Mad Rantings of a Delusional Poet

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we beasties are itching to get into your heads and eat a little bit of brain. we feels so lonely in the void and you all look so juicy-

A beastie little beast #7

What kind of beast
is this little beastie beast?

For as it stings it sadly sings
of many horrid little things
while it brings with it sickly death
on its scaly withered wings

In your sleep it will creep
Up your spine it will dine
It will lick on your bones
and suck up all your blood
It will bite through your heart
While it rips the soul apart
Its fetid breath stinks of death
For never will it rest
As it eats and it feasts
On its tasty little treats

Who is this
little beastie beast’
who devours humankind
on those un-atoned brittle bones
by God’s deviously divine design
For it’s our sin that does us in
inviting the beast
that lies within

An abomination!
Our dark creation!

Our very own
little beastie kin

The Beastie Shout #8

we Beasties shout pout and grouse about
we like to howl growl and make things foul
our fun begins when you nod off to sleep
in your head we eat spit and bite till you weep
as we weave our pretty nightmares for you to keep.

in your bed where you seem most like the dead
is where we feed and gnaw and play with your head
oh what fun it is to hear your screams
as we vomit bile into your once sweet dreams

we beasties laughs and sings as we do our beastie things

To hell we come
In hell we shout
This is what beasties are about
Our names are lost
And we are few
We need more blood
We’ve come for


till next time -we can't wait to crawl up your noses and slide in your ears....

the beastie gang and bob too


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