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The Love Of A Friend

The Love Of A Friend
The New Little Princess* (2025)

The love of a friend
Is worth more than money
The love of a friend
Is sweeter than honey
You’ll never get it from anyone else
In your family or in your love
Because a friend's love is special
To you from your friend

When all the others are gone
All your lovers are in love with others
Whom have you got?
Look around, you’ve got your friends

Because [Chorus]

A friend doesn’t need to take your heart
A friend only wants to be a place to start
Yet a friend still cries when you are apart
Because a friend needs a friend

It’s so sad, so many times
We forget to say ‘Thank you’
So sad, so many times
We forget to say ’I love you’
To our friends
They’re just friends

We take our friends for granted
And the seeds of sorrow are planted
Because there is nothing like a friend


They are special
More than special
Truly special
Really special
(two times)

A friend is truly . . . a friend (Spoken)

*All copyright in the author of The New Little Princess, Dr Jack Edward Effron


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