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The Lobster

We just came back from the Lobster. For those of that don’t know it’s a Movie. Anyway, it’s about the weirdest thing I’ve seen in quite awhile, weirder than Eraserhead or Mulholland Drive or … maybe only just as weird, come to think of it.

“Dystopian Sci-Fi “ says the Wiki entry, which does not describe well, it’s more alternate reality/allegory along the lines of Brazil (which was a great movie, if ask me) and I am pretty much blown away. ‘Allegory’, that’s the word, and man’o’man did they hit relationships, and specifically interaction between those in relationships right on the pointed, sharp, uncomfortable head. Ouch. It is listed as comedy but in the mood I was in, the mood I am in, I found it difficult to smile. She, I think, hated it, which is understandable as there were so many supposed rationales held up in the mirror as simply typical. Ha.

God bless the Greeks. She is Greek, the makers are Greek, at least the directors. The Wiki was not very informative, a-aand I’ve had a beer just now so as to not sully the feeling with overly edited computation/calculation. I want my raw reaction.

This movie is so writerly, that is to say so like the processes that a writer might experience in that they might document it, like a journalist or someone witnessing their own life. Be warned: there are uncomfortable visuals, but be comforted or merely braced in knowing that they are portrayals only; not meant as factual storylines. They do not murder the characters; they are not actual events, but symbolisms, however disturbing. Everything is allegory. It’s only a movie. Go see it, if you dare. Those of you not in relationships may not get all it, but then again…


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