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The little things,

Like taking a bus-trip out of town to do some shopping. Just seeing others going about their daily lives, living , loving, people just being themselves. There seemed to be so much to do and see. Things i'd done, and do, so often, too common place to mention, the little things i could conjure up a kind of enthusiasm, renewed interest but now,,, i'm just going through the motions. Maybe i'm just tired of winter. A bit of warm sunshine wouldn't go a miss, with time and a willingness to linger and look.
Oh i don't know...

There are those who say "always look up. Never look down."

I'm always looking down. I see and feel nothing. Living only for work and the next paycheck.

Life eh?


That's why you have to keep doing things like that which you just did; pick your head up to look around every little while.

There's a lot of small things in life, but often they're the most precious and beautiful. And just remember we're one planet in an entire solar system, that's part of a larger galaxy consisting of millions of solar systems, that's part of a universe consisting of millions of galaxies. We're smaller than a grain of sand on a beach.

Every encounter you have, will never happen again. You will never happen again. It's all just one big coincidence that we're all so lucky to be a part of. Of course, we've set ourselves up with rules and made a game of it. But sometimes it's okay to break those rules; that is, get out of the typical work-eat-sleep routine and actually live like you were meant to.

Life; comes to us like a secret Valentine's day gift dropped off at our door step. We didn't ask for it, but we got it anyway, so now let's appreciate it and make the best of it.


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