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The Life of Olly

I believe Christianity was born out of slavery from the Roman Empire and gave a voice to those crushed by others and while never believing myself I have been the seeker of my truth...for a while I've read Olly's teachings and have prayed to him every time I PM and he has always answered my prayer...I believe his writings our a digital binary 1,0 of how to life a life...Bazz Cargo has always been a Moses figure on here an he is off roaming whiltshire among his people an I pray to Olly to let him return soon. .I await Olly's reply to my request to become a diciples of his everlasting presence on WF an want to Basque in his reflected glory...may Olly protect you all and I hope you will join me as a seeker of the one true faith...Ollyism


Dear Lord Olly
protect HB from the hooded claw
And keep vampires from her door
Now what did you do that for, maybe I was trying to attract those vampires to my door...
Before finding Ollyism I was able to talk to rabbits and became there king...wabbits an vamps have no place in the kingdom of ollies
Awww but I want to live forever...

Wabbits, I bet they had awesome carrot recipes
HB living forever is painful...I still miss my Heather and for hundreds of years I light a candle on her birthday....her dying wish

Kev that's another fine mess...
Yes there would be people and things that you miss but to see the world shift and change, imagine how many stories you could tell over forever. To be able to live many different lives, to be able to be differnt person over and over.... but I can see your point.

I miss stan too, but he is still watching us all. :D
In the garden of Ollie all people are free but must not eat the fruit from the greenhouse
Lord Olly has not chosen me as disciple so I ask the almighty to send me something which his bodily fluids have soaked into..a bed sheet that will become the shroud of Hastings or a pair of underpants that I can place in a glass frame for new converts to kiss and behold the sacred relic..please grant me this king of Kings...

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