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The Legend

Upstate New York
C‎lear Cut Lumber Camp 17
April 1912

"Come on Gamache, us new guys have never heard the story". a young logger said

Roland Gamache was a fifty two year old French Canadian lumberjack who had worked for the Clear family lumber or mining business for over thirty five years.

"It was close to where we are right now about two miles up there , between the Devil's Mistresses". Gamache said pointing north towards the twin peaks the miners and loggers refered to by that name. Gamache paused more for effect than to refill his tin coffee cup. Sipping he continued.

"Close to two years ago along the Devil's Tongue four loggers, Clear Cut men they were".

" Devil's Tongue why they call it that". a logger interupted.

Gamache pointed to the river running a mere twenty feet away. "See how the river runs between the mountians. He licks between his Mistresses the devil he does. Now you want to hear the story or ask questions". Gamache asked.

"The devil he plays in this area, this is his playground and he played with those men that night". he took a sip of coffee peering over the cup he knew he had there attention now.

He continued "The loggers had been up at camp 20 for about a week, supplies would arrive on the tenth day". he said as he spat into the fire.


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