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The joys of writing

The joys of writing as many of you know I have been writing my first ever full scale novel over the last few months and it is coming along very nicely. I am enjoying seeing my own world and characters take shape and interact with each other, it is a very satisfying feeling overall. That feeling of accomplishment when you see the target bar turn from red into orange into gold into green and seeing that you are only 20,000 words from your overall target, exhilarating. Well that's how it feels to me. Each day brings a new aspect to my writing and I enjoy how each day I learn something new about writing from writing; a new phrase or a new way to describe whats in my head on the page and then see it change as the thoughts develop. I am creating something I shout in my head and I feel good, this to me is the joy of writing.

How does writing make you feel?


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