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The heartbroken

I felt cold.
I felt absent.
I knew that the only way to die and keep living is to be part of them.Love had killed me but I was still alive,I became an inmortal in the lonely winter night,I felt naked,disprotected,vulnerable and It took me a few seconds to realize I was now part of them,the heartbroken.

I remember...

The last time I saw him,I was just a shadow behind his eyes and then he was gone,gone forever to somewhere unknown.

I search for him...

Everytime I look into the streets,desperatly trying to find him

I dream him..

Telling me that he loves me,that he has always been beside me.

I try...

To tell myself that I never loved him and to forget

It hurts...

To know that no one took him away from me because he was never mine

I ignore...

The fact that the girl who he loved was my friend

I regret...

Not telling him what I felt

I fall into

I stopped...

sleeping because I was afraid to dream

People think Im gone,that Ive lost my sanity and became part of the insane...

They are wrong.

I painfully became part of them,the inmortals,the heartbroken

Now im cold.

I wish they could understand
that Im not afraid of dreaming

Im afraid of waking up.


Dedicated to my best friend,my murderer.

Author -Naomi Castro-


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