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The Gospel Poems (part II)

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Android Gospels"
Space Beasts and the Serpents Fangs

micro circuits and bio gels
cyber-connections and viral infections
robot walkers and cyborg talkers
sail empty space without god’s grace
through space dimensions cracks and seams
using black holes time travel schemes
on radiation streams and tachyon beams
fueled by gamma might and solar light
letting the cosmic winds guide them
back to the blue dot of their creation

magic makers and spiritual fakers
totem rings and natural things
on dragon’s breath and unicorn wings
the earth exhales
as the mighty winds blow
and the great seas flow
for nature sings her druidic songs to those
living in harmony in Gaia’s lair
being attuned with earth wind fire and air
the People dance and celebrate the cycles of life
while the venomous serpent guards its domain ready to strike

(songs of the earth and sky clans)

Sky Kings

exiled and disgraced
for seeking forbidden knowledge
that only the gods should know
the notorious pirates of space
were banished to wander amongst the stars as
cosmic marauders and nomadic wanderers
pillaging inhabited planets and forever searching
for a way back home
to the promised land of milk and honey
where spacesuits and gravity boots
are no longer required

it is said that you can never go home again
and find it as you envisioned it in your dreams
for a home is more than a place for your boots to walk on
and a place to sleep mate and eat in
it’s not just a physical space but a mental and spiritual one as well
home’s a state of mind and when it is lost so too are you
but once found a whole new set of problem arise

out of the blue skies they came
sleek ships laser guns and death
to those who dare oppose them
Eden is ours
witches be damned

(battle songs of new eden)
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