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The good stuff in life.

This morning the snow was coming down pretty good, not like they warned us about, but enough for a lot of businesses to be closed. My wife and I get up early, we go to the diner in the morning as a ritual and today was no different...except it was closed. We checked out the other diners, they were all closed as well. We ended up at Dunkin Donuts and there was all of the other regulars from the diner that we normally share breakfast with, who also had made the same rounds as we had. We talked and shared the normal stuff. We spoke about the past and shared a few personal stories. Sitting there looking at my wife of nearly 40 years, my vision fuzzy from old age. She looked just as beautiful as she did 43 years ago when I met her. I thought how fortunate I was to live in a small town where every knew everyone else. Where the morning can be shared with the woman I love, in a town I love... Yep those are the good things in life, while the weather outside was cold and nasty, I was reminded of just how lucky and fortunate I am... That is the good stuff in life.


The weather's fine here, a bit chilly still but spring is most definitely in the air and me? I just want to crawl into a hole and stay there. Oh you lucky people. Although I'm not sure that I really envy you, your lives are ​enviable of course.
Jeez! I hate snow. Even the smatterings that we have here, I loathe the stuff.
Dither I love the snow, cold weather and the change of the seasons. I have a snowmobile and this stuff is just perfect :}
I hope you shared this with your wife. She is the one who should know it. But, somehow I think she does. Nice to read.
Sas I shared this with her as we sat and talked that morning. I learned many years ago have having far to many close calls with death, to never let words go un-spoken when it comes to feelings and sharing my concern or love for others. I don't let those moments pass out of habit...

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