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The Girl that couldn't stop writing

tinacrabapple;1704770 said:
Great concept, but poorly written.

This is what I wrote in reply to this post. Is the forum expectation that you write more?

I got PMed by a moderater stating I need to say more in the Writer's Workshop. I was quite surprised, but maybe I am missing the boat here...


Generally, in writer's workshop the idea is to give constructive criticism. You offer a thorough explanation of your impressions of the piece, and things you think that can improve it. The idea is to act as a peer editor of the work, so that others can increase their ability with your comments. To say "Great concept, but poorly written." is offering little in the way of methods of improvement. Why is it poorly written, what needs to be changed? Why? What was good about the concept? How could it have been made better?

That's what they're looking for. Take a read of some of the lengthier critiques, and you'll get a better idea for it. :D

I disagree. I believe that you should be able to read something, write a simple comment and move on. Why should a discreet user be bothered by a moderater for a simple comment? It is completely unnecessary and makes you feel like you are being harassed. It's bad form on the Forum. There was no reason for this person to PM me, I was not responsive to any comments the author flung my way.

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