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My wardrobe doesn’t run to hand-painted silk nor do I intend crawling around tea-houses for any kind of men: I squeeze and evict my Earl Grey t-bag, coveting the business end of the ceremony, anticipating taste buds settling into a hammock full of satisfaction in the privacy of my own kitchen.Tea is my child; when I see it running towards me on the face of a clock I get all choked-up at the thought of snuggling into my sofa with the earl.

I spent thirty years guzzling coffee but now barely one a day is plenty, except when I’m swanning around town, a café here a café there, and suddenly there will have been at least two hours of coffee and chat. I’m supposed to be taking myself out walking and the main/most pleasant walk would be to the loch...but if I go over there I’ll have to have a large latte which defeats the purpose of the walking exercise. Still, I should go – maybe when the rain stops.


I've never tried Earl Grey. I am more of a fruit or herbal tea kinda girl.

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