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The Garden

I was out back again today, weeding and trimming. I hate to go out there, but once I'm there, I really like it.

The smells are great. Not just the plants, but the dirt itself. A few finches sat nearby on the fence, ready to pick at the fresh soil in search of bugs.
The weeds went into our chicken coop. "The Girls" pick at the weeds, also looking for insects.

The potatoes keep spreading to other beds, even growing in-between them. I found a "volunteer" basil plant growing near our cucumbers. Nature will not be contained. And I wouldn't ever want to. 'Cept for those weeds.

I honestly don't know why more folks don't grow at least some of their food. I'm no hippie, but it does ground me back to nature. It isn't like you even need much space to grow stuff. Some of our neighbors just "container garden" in large pots. The food you get is your food, raised by your hands. To me, it tastes better.

And those potatoes? I planted a test-batch in one corner of the yard, three years ago. And did nothing since. They keep coming back.
Resilient little buggars. Must be why I like them.


I like the idea. If a lot of people would turn their lawns into vegetable gardens, they could save a lot of money on food, and have very nutritious meals.

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