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The gained knowledge from 12 articles on writing articles/freelance journalism...

As the title states, I just finished reading a dozen (or more, it was an estimate) articles on the how-to's of journalism. The two most repeated gems of advice:

-Read, read, read.
-Write, write, write.

I do read, more often lately. I am currently reading Gonzo: The Life Of Hunter S. Thompson. After that I have some psychology or maybe philosophy books. I should pick up the pace.

I have to start writing more. It's a necessity. I'm working on that. I'll post when I have something to show for it.

I also absorbed the basics of being a journalist: writing, writing, writing, building a 'clippings portfolio', sending a thousand letters of query, facing rejection, dealing with editors. I'm sure I'm willing to give it a whirl.

For now I still have my real job, so progress towards the dream job must be made on the off days. In several weeks I will be forced to find a Summer job... I should look into the possibility of an entry-level position in a writing/editing/publishing firm, just to surround myself in it.


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