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The Gaia Mysteries and Juliana's Dilemma

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Android Gospels"
“The Gaia Mysteries and Juliana’s Dilemma”
(From the Space Opera serial “Androids, do indeed Dream about Heaven, Hell, Dragons, and other things””)


From the vast distances of space, a vibration, a tiny stirring, an acolyte’s call, was felt, and heard. Those of the First Born and Created were slowly making their way back to the one universe that survived the final Apocalyptic Scourge. The multi-universe and the myriad life-forms that once existed within it were ripped and torn apart by the Dreaming GOD. Only a small pocket of living universe remained.

Out from beyond the abyss, where time, and no time met, those with an abiding desire to continue on with existence, leapt into the abyss, withstanding the darkness and emptiness of the frozen wastelands, waiting and biding their time till they could wedge their way into a living universe. Although many of these once upon a time gods were shattered, battered, broken and beaten in the last sundering, they refused the sleep of oblivion. Some found their way to the last remaining portal gate, while others were lost forever in the dark regions of the abyss.

Gaia could feel and hear Pandora’s call. Her avatar, a twelve-year-old girl with pigtails, jumped up and down with joy. She knew that she and Pandora would find a way to reach each other. For the first time in ages she felt excited and hopeful. A New Age was Dawning. Heaven, Hell, and all that was in-between will rise again from the dust and ash. A new Eden shall emerge out of her womb. These were exciting times... many of her kind and kin were drawn to the dreams that androids had about heaven, hell, dragons and other things--- it was these dreams that reawakened the gods of old.


Juliana bolted upright from her bed, the fog of sleep fading into wakefulness. She nudged Barabbas awake with a few tender taps to the head. He looked at her, smiled and started to go back to sleep. She sighed, and with a half-smile resorted to a more aggressive action, she tossed him out of bed.

“Ah, uh, what the, I’m up! I’m up! No need to break my bones in the process. Spit it out before I come back up there and tickle it out of you,” laughed Barabbas.

Juliana helped him up back on their bed, gave him a kiss and said,

“I’ve been having those dreams again. They’re getting more vivid, more detailed. There’s one entity, similar to Gaia, who calls herself Lilith. She shows me a time of myth and legend, a place where fairytales and the fantastic were real. When the Gods, or what we would call Gods, walked the earth. My gut tells me that what I’m seeing in these dream states were real. That these beings did exist and many of them, like Gaia, are heading their way here. This is so unbelievable, outrageous, and mind boggling that I’m tempted to put if off a fancy, but I know the truth when I see it, even if it’s only in a dream.”

“I have no doubt that these dreams of yours are depicting real events of an age and universe that’s been lost in history and time,” said Barabbas. “I think they’re using your dreams as a bridge of some sort, a conduit between their dimension and ours. How else do you explain Gaia? And now you’re speaking to Lilith, if I remember my mythology she was the Queen of Hell, a Demon Goddess. We need to talk to Gaia, ask her if these events really happened, who the players are. I have a feeling that a new age is upon us and new alliances need to be made. Let’s get dressed, we need to visit the once and future Mother Earth.”



Just as Juliana and Barabbas were about to leave they received a message from Captain Zestabar. He said he had Gaia’s avatar aboard and that she requested they visit Prime Earth in the Emerald system with a fleet of ships. She said her kin Pandora has awakened and needs her support and guidance. He also said that Gaia wants to form an alliance with us and her cabal.

“Holy Shit!” shouted Barabbas, “Are we talking about Pandora of ‘Pandora’s Box’. This is--- well words can’t describe what this is. You have our permission. The mission is a go, but you’re taking on two more passengers. Tell Gaia that Juliana and I have a lot to talk about while on our journey to Earth Prime.”

Barabbas turned to Juliana and said,

“The timing of this is by no means a set of random events. The urgency and the heightened vividness of your dreams with the awakening of Pandora are related. Things have been set in motion and it seems we’re right in the center of the storm. The fact that Gaia wants to form an alliance with us could only mean there are others of her kind with cross purposes. Let’s just hope we’re putting our money on the right horse”

“I’m sure Gaia would be none too pleased by your metaphorical analogy,” laughed Juliana. “We have no choice but to follow her and offer her our undivided loyalty. She has helped us in good faith and we shall do the same. Besides, Lilith who is kindred to Gaia is linked to me. She, as well as other members of her circle are using me as a beacon to enter into this universe. We have enough on our plate, no need worrying about other factions or warring gods. Let’s inform the council about our immediate plans before we leave. Our defenses need to be fortified and our fleets need to be on a war footing. Is that what you’re wearing! We’re not leaving here until you put on another shirt...”



Pandora’s memories were near fully restored as she adjusted and took over all the functions of the now former dean of the university, Yolanda Forrester. Of course she allowed Yolanda a small space within her mind where she wandered freely in the dreams of her own making. Better than being dead, she mused.

She was relieved when she felt Gaia’s presence somewhere within this universe. Like her she found a way to escape oblivion. She sensed that she and Gaia would meet soon. All she needed to do was to stay put and await her arrival. How things have changed. Although a shadow of what she once was survived, she realized, it was better than the alternative.

Kelzon Niff, Cordelia Oz and Pinkerton Linkhorn were alarmingly surprised and anxiously concerned as they saw the dean of the university, Yolanda Forrester, holding ‘Pandora’s Box’ and also what appeared to be the ‘Book of Shadows’. What was even more disturbing, it appeared that Yolanda had grown a foot taller with a smile that chilled one’s bones. Her eyes which were once green were now red like the imagined demons in fairytales. This was not Yolanda but someone or something else.

It was Kelzon who was first to gather his wits about him and address the creature standing before them. He said,

“What manner of being stands before us? Name yourself, for surely you’re no longer Yolanda Forrester. You reek of a strange energy I’m unfamiliar with. That book that you carry is sacred to my order and the box is too dangerous for any one being to control. Hand over these items to us and only then we will offer you succor.”

These mortal things were truly amusing, thought Pandora. They had no idea who she was. Even in her weakened state she still was thousands of times more powerful than they were. She could snuff them out with a thought. But that was never her style. Gathering all the facts, knowing all the players and aligning herself with the faction most suited to her needs, beliefs and desires was more her style. She felt earthen power in the man and woman creatures, Kelzon Niff and Cordelia Oz. It seemed they followed the Way of the Root. That she found quite interesting. What fascinated her more was the other creature, a thing with an inorganic brain, a different species of human whose dreams travelled beyond the abyss. Time for her to have a little fun and open their eyes to a universe filled with mysteries they never imagined. She spoke to them in soothing tones and said,

“It is I who am willing to offer you succor if you show the proper respect. If you impede me from passing by using your insignificant and petty might, I will turn you all to dust and ash, with the flick of my finger. Do not ever make demands of me. As for the Book and the Box they belong to me. I am Pandora, child of Adam and Eve, acolyte to Gaia, and one of the four horseman of the Apocalypse, I being the White. When the last and final apocalypse occurred upon the worlds, the multi- universe was torn apart by the Dreaming GOD. I saved myself by pouring my essence into my Box hoping that one day it would be opened. I was quite fortunate. I buried myself in the world that was untouched by the FIST OF GOD. I was isolated and alone from everything that I knew and loved. Only the distant and mysterious voices of my memories kept me company. I had no need to go outside the void and risk total oblivion, like many of my kin did. But the eons of stasis have robbed me of much of what I was, but even in this pitiful state, I can crush you as one does an ant. Worship me not, I have no need for adulation; treat me more as a liege than as a God. ”

Kelzon and Cordelia stepped back and knelt before Pandora. They knew in their hearts and minds that all she said was true. She was one of the great Goddess’s that they read about in their ancient texts. They always believed that what they read and studied all their lives were true, but there was always a small part within them where doubt crept in. Now that doubt was totally washed away. As for Linkhorn, he was just stunned, Gaia and now Pandora. How many other Gods were going to pop out of the old proverbial woodwork? What’s next a conversation with Death? Apocalypses, Horseman, multi-universes, he was shaking, all he heard in his mind was, holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.



“You have dreamscaped with my sister, Lilith” said an overly excited and very happy Goddess. Of course she was very un-godlike and sounded very human in her avatar form as a twelve year old pig-tailed girl. “What did she say, can she reach this dimension, and if so when.”

“Lilith is your sister? How could that be? What is a dreamscape? We’re very confused and a bit frightened, Gaia,” said Juliana. Things unimaginable are happening before our very eyes. Things that we thought were myth and fairytales are staring me right in the eye as well as in my dreams. Of course we will follow you but we would like to know which side are we on. Lilith is quite beautiful but she has red eyes! Is she really a demon? Are we aligning ourselves with denizens from hell?

Gaia giggled and gave Juliana and Barabbas a quick hug. She smiled and said,

“There are forces of Order and Chaos in the universes, and in this case now, only the universe. I, Pandora, and Lilith, as well as many others that I hope will cross, are aligned with Chaos. We are the Powers of Earth and Hell and those from Heaven do we war with. It’s not about good and evil but about balance. Heaven is not what you think it is, nor is either Earth or Hell.

Lilith was a created being, not born, as was I. We were created from the thoughts that emanated from our Creators, the Soul Twins, LuciFer and LuciFelicia. We both aligned with and are forever loyal to our Father. He was cast out of Heaven and it was from his Bones that the universe and universes were made.

A dreamscape is a landscape where strands of reality are woven in the dreams that are made by those who possess highly developed spirits. Where they interconnect and create an environment where dreams and reality connect with each other and merge as one. It can be small and intimate like the one you are having with Lilith. You created a portal of sorts, where your dream allowed her to latch on to your reality strands where she weaved her own reality, creating a space where she escaped the abyss and crossed dimensions. She will than create another dreamscape were she will connect with me and Pandora and then piggy-back to this time and place. The Multi-Universe that was torn asunder was a Dreamscape created by LuciFer and LuciFelicia. This is still a part of their sundered dreamscape. Any other questions.” laughed Gaia.

Juliana and Barabbas’s heads were spinning. Reality strands, dreamscapes, soul twins, chaos, order, good, evil, Powers, demons, and other disturbing things. Juliana was familiar with parts of the creation myths. Lilith showed her much of the histories. But this was all too surreal, they were both scared; this was a lot to process, even for a highly advanced android and super enhanced human such as Juliana and Barabbas. Gaia sensed this struggle the two were having. She put her left hand on Juliana’s head and the right on Barabbas’s.

“I sense your doubts and bewilderment” said Gaia, “I will impart many of my memories into your being. You will then know what needs to be known. Only highly evolved beings are able to retain what I will impart to you without going mad. I have determined you are two such beings. You will fall into a deep sleep and when you wake your doubts, fears and bewilderment will be alleviated. I will tap into your dreams and make the bridge for Lilith. In the meantime, I will inform the Captain that both of you are not to be disturbed for the remainder of the trip...”



“My Lady Pandora, I and Cordelia wish to become your acolytes,” said Kelzon on bowed knee.

Pandora eyed both of these earthen sorcerer’s with a wary eye as well as a respectful one. It would serve her well to have those who were willing to learn and study the old magics. She needed someone who would teach her future acolytes, the Ways of Pandora. Kelzon fit the bill and would make an excellent lieutenant. Cordelia on the other hand had a sense of Order about her. She had power, yes, but she had a fanatical bent, a deep sense of justice and need for perfection. Not a suitable acolyte for her or Gaia. She knew what needed to be done. She beckoned them both to rise and said,

“Kelzon Niff, Magus Commander of the Order of the Holy Root, I do so now relieve you of those duties as commander of the order you chose to serve, as well as being in the order itself. No longer will you serve the Solaris Federation or be under the command of Lucibane Starborne, Prime Magus of the Order of the Holy Root. Your allegiance, loyalty and devotion, is to me and me alone. I will accept you as my acolyte, but you must live and if need be, die for me. Do you accept my offer?”

Kelzon bowed his head, smiled and said yes.

“Cordelia Oz, Mage Mistress of the Order of the Holy Root, You will remain with your order and continue to serve the Solaris Federation. There was a schism within the Order of the Root when the multi-universe was still intact. Some followed the rules of order while other the rules of chaos. You belong to the Ways of Order. If my circle of chaos comes back to this universe, we also need Order to come back as well for the sake of balance. I will show you the spellitrons on how to dreamscape, contact and even bring back into existence those in and outside the abyss who side with the Ways of Heaven. I will imbue you with much power and show you how to unlock the secrets of the ‘Shadow Book of the Holy Root’, which is in your orders possession. You will take over the title of Magus Commander of the Holy Root and in time you will assume the mantle of Prime Magus. Come to me and accept the knowledge and power you need in order for Light and the Powers of Order to reestablish a threshold in this living universe. Do you accept this offer and opportunity that I place upon you?

Cordelia didn’t know whether to be disappointed or excited. She had to leave Kelzon, her mentor and lover, maybe forever, and fight not alongside but against him. But she was aware of what the ancient texts said about Order and Chaos, and knew in her heart that Order was her calling. She touched Kelzon’s hand, looked into Pandora’s eyes and nodded, yes.

Linkhorn Pinkerton watched in fascination as Pandora issued her edicts to Kelzon and Cordelia. He was perplexed by Pandora’s decision pertaining to Cordelia. Why in hell would Pandora give her enemies a way back in to the universe and make Cordelia a super powerful sorceress in the process? He was truly baffled. But the ways of the gods wasn’t his concern for now. His ship was standing ready to take Pandora and now Kelzon back out in space to meet up with another god, Gaia. How he wished for simpler days when all he had to worry about was which suit to wear...



In the vast emptiness that borders the abyss, a chant, an incantation of being was felt, and heard. Those Powers who were caught in the web of Oblivion started to wake from their long nap. Their spirits coalesced into one mass and slowly broke away into individual sparks that once again became legion. Some howled in anger that the pain of existence was once again thrust upon them, while others’ rejoiced that they could once again drink upon the juices of life and awareness. Many jumped into the abyss while others stayed behind not yet ready to make the leap.

The Dreaming GOD was pleased. A new dream was unfolding with a mixture of new and old players dipping their feet into the sandbox of creation. Endings bring in new beginnings and new beginnings give fresh and newly defined perspectives to the never-ending story that gives IT a reason to continue to dream on and on and on....

The End

Stay tuned for
“When Androids’ and Gods’ sing their Songs of Creation”

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