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The Fractured Dreams of a Mad Poet

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The Third Circle (the Gluttons)

Pigs in the pen
Feasting breathing eating
Mud slides ostracized compromised
Needing feeding seething beating cheating

S i n k i n g

S i n k i n g

S i n k i n g

In the filth with the scum
and the dirt- YUM! YUM! YUM!

Bellies sore rot and gore
we want more- MORE! MORE! MORE!

Bodies bloated unwashed unsanctified
Greedy need is what makes them bleed
Damned are the vilified
Forever the

The Fourth Circle (the Avaricious)

Give it to me now, now
I was a superstar
More- was my law
Greed- my vice
It felt
So why
Am I now
Burning in hell
Doing menial work
In this demon spawn cell

You’re the prodigal son
You covet their wife
You squander life
A waste is
What you
So Pick
Up that ax
And pound those rocks
Eternal hard work
is reserved for you jerks

Of course these are an ode to Dante's "Inferno" but they were also a harbinger to my life's passion "the Trinity Dreamscape.It was from this series that an idea that maybe I could do an Epic poem on creation. Well that turned into all that I write today- My fractured view on Creation, life, religion and death.

till next time


Fabulous stuff Maestro! Now.. why don't you tell me how you REALLY feel..lol.. Blistering, bold, brilliant... I especially loved the first one on Gluttons... a devilish delight...

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