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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Character Studies and Philosophies of the Minor and Major Powers of the Annexlexcian Conturium"
The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

Death (DiAthAnaToS) The Pale Rider
Enforcers The Pale Apocali of Horse and Sickle
The Angel of Death
(Gabriel) Lady Death (Gabriella)

War (Mephistopheles) The Red Rider
Captions The Red Apocali of Horse and Sword
The Wraith Queen (the Lady Abel) The Beastie King (the Lord Cain)

Famine and Pestilence (Yukilamia) The Black Rider
The Overlord The Black Apocali of Horse and Skull
The Lord Protector (Penderod)

Sorcery (Pandora) The White Rider
Wizard Lord The White Apocali of Horse and Staff
Soul Twin (Gadreel)

  • The Four Horsemen were called upon at the end of each Epoch to wreak havoc amongst the lands and set things back in balance by breaking as many fate strings as possible.
  • Each Horseman is a power unto itself. The most powerful being the Pale Rider. HE is also the center core of the Triad of Death.
  • The White rider (Pandora and Her Sorcerers, Necromancers, Enchanters, Witches Warlocks and Wizards) represented Gaia’s interests as well. Pandora is an Acolyte and High Priestess for Gaia. Her main Loyalties were to hEr not the second gate. Her task is to fight on the side of Chaos and disrupt the magics of the Oracles but also to protect the lands, trees, flowers, birds, bees, streams and seas against damage, corruption and decimation brought about by the warring on both sides.
  • Each Apocali of Horseriders had large strongholds and palatial estates in the Underworld Capitol of Digabrion. The Heads of each Apocali were required to reside there during The Apocalyptic events which usually last for a thousand years or Sun Cycles

The Gathering of the Four Horsemen

When the Oracles of Fate announced ThemSelves as the new Arbitrators of Law, Order, and Heavenly Principles amongst Realities Gate; DiAthAnaToS saw a need for a counteracting Force. When HE wove the fabric of Time of the Nine Dimensional Worlds and its fifty two rift worlds into Six Ages with Three Epochs or Eras in each; HE added a failsafe mechanism comprised of eighteen apocalyptic events (End Wars) that would erupt at the end of each Epoch, no matter which force weighed down the balance scales. This would ensure that the cycles of Life, Death, and Rebirth, would flow in a linear pattern being renewed and refreshed at the end of each Epoch and that neither Apathy, Stagnation, Anarchy nor unabashed Hedonism take a permanent hold at the end of one Era and leaking and taking precedence in the new one.

DiAthAnaToS could only dreamwrite Six Age Events. At the End of the 6th age either a New Cycle would emerge whereby DiAthAnaToS would dreamwrite Six more Ages or the Oracles of Fate through their fate’s strings would win the final battle of the 18th apocalypse and achieve Reunification of the Edoni Godhead which would thereby unravel the existing dreamscape.

HE was confident that LuciFer due to His love for Gaia and all of His creations no matter how persuasive Adam and Eve and the others were or how strong ThEir magics; could convince or overpower Him with Fates Weaves to unify.

If ThEy unified, He would then be forced to reunify with HIS Godhead; as HE would be lost in an unraveled dream and thrown into the abyss to drift endlessly in its darkness if He didn’t; and hope that HIS Soul Brother was right and that The Godhead could circumvent The DREAMING GOD ITSELF.

But He Doubted that. THE Dreaming GOD would wake and Kill the Dream and DiAthAnaTos would be no more. HE was quite fond of HIS existence and would make sure that HIS counterforce would never let the Dream unravel.

DiAthAnaToS with Gabriel, Gabriella, and the unofficial assistance of Gaia, put together a formidable team that was capable of unwinding fate strings and preventing the Oracles of Fate from achieving ThEir ultimate goal of Reunification.

The Angel of Death (Gabriel) and Lady Death (Gabriella) enlisted Mephistopheles and heR legions of Beastie Hordes to become the Doom of War. shE was bestowed with estates and strongholds in the Underworld and made a Horse Rider of War. shE was now the High Lady of the Red Apocali of Horse and Sword. What better Entity to lead Men and Women to War than the deviL heRselF. heR brand of EviL inspired those souls easily swayed to Hatred and Bloodlust; those ingredients needed to incite the Winds of War.

DiAthAnaToS chose The Spider Queen, Yukilamia; also known as the Beast of 666 Faces to become the Harbinger of Disease, Decay and Starvation. she was bestowed with estates and strongholds in the Underworld and made a Horse Rider of Famine and Pestilence. She was now the High Lady of the Black Apocali of Horse and Skull. What better Entity to spread disease, hunger, and hopelessness with her itsy bitsy spiders than the Great Beast iTsELF. her insatiable hunger and lust driven needs was well suited to bring Mankind to its knees.

Gaia whose allegiance was with neither Order nor Chaos chose hEr High Priestess and Chief Acolyte the Sorceress Pandora to become the Force of Unnatural Nature used to alter the landscape that Man walks upon. She was bestowed with estates and strongholds in the Underworld and made a Horse Rider of Sorcery. She was now the High Lady of the White Apocali of Horse and Staff. What better Entity to wreak havoc and dissent amongst mankind through the use of powerful magics while also maintaining Gaia’s Interests as well. Was it not Pandora who helped bring down the forces of Heaven through Her own act of Hubris? She was to be Rider and Guardian both.

Kezon and Kezefa
Lord and Lady of Digabrion
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