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The Folies Bergèr

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Stuck in a gaze of various impossibilities
while being served pale ale at The Folies
Golden trim in the image bends
what seems to be melancholy
Suzon a bon appétit
but with prudence of folly
a courtesan of the trapeze...
only gentlemen saw the trolley
She kept the Order of Things
like Emmanuel's painted bodies
with spatial depth...
impressionism was of real quality
for Manet, you may find a happy story
like some nice apples? no... oranges au contraire?.. oui
each drink served was bitter but all went down sweet
Golden trim denatured wavefront surrounding them in time spent
In the variant of natures spin
discreet with their demagogy
only dreams of a life without care
where she truly lived free

where she truly lived free
only dreams of a life without care
discreet to avoid decree or picture of non monogyny
variant like natures spin of air
Golden rules of affection are reflection of a reflection without time to spare
light footed she stood close as if kissing him... there
beginning to transition in... a position pressing tight against her brazier
for money you couldn't find a sappier pair
pressing with lasting impression he pared the brazier
with spatial depth
like a manual a tool to a perfect body presented clear
She kept the order of things
only a gentle man could join the party
she contorts to all sorts non left un-pleased, if ever hardly
but don't consort with those that short her of the lolly
Suzon had a big appetite for the Monet
it's seams she didn't have, but had the doll of a body
Golden trim her knickers thin as if embodied
While being served pale ale, stuck in impossible ways at The Folies


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