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The first song I ever wrote...


I started playing guitar when I was 13. I never took any classes or sat down and tried to play shit from the radio (unless I was REEEEALLLLLLLY HIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHH). I wrote music.

I just didn't write whole songs... I wrote pieces of songs and created unique (to me, anyway) runs to develop myself as a guitar player like none other before me or after me.

Not necessarily the greatest thing since sliced bread, but still a force of nature to be feared.

The first song I ever wrote was a six minute epic to display my awesome rhythm techniques. It's easy to digest but turns from a Manowar style of song into an Iron Maiden style of song.

I recorded this live. This is me showcasing how uniquely I can play a guitar in one track; I attempt to capture two separate guitars with two hands and one pick. It's a special way of playing rhythm that I developed to the point where I can now make it sound like three guitars are playing at once with just my own two hands and a pick.

But this is a six year old recording. This is the birth of my legend immortalized on YouTube.

I recorded it on a PC at the studio where I frequented at the time. It was kind of my first attempt and I didn't feel like doing it over, so I play the beginning a little fast.

I reckon at the perfect tempo, this song is about 6:30.

The ending is so cool. Every one of my drummers loved this song, so it was always a warm-up song for practice.

Just never went anywhere with it outside of my first band.

A shame how many of my originals have been lost to time.

I've written over fifteen individual technical speed/thrash metal songs, about ten blackened death metal songs, two black metal songs, six folk metal songs, four acoustic songs, six deathcore songs that I hate, and a whole FUCK TON of songs that never got finished and I can still disect for parts.

But I never play anymore.

I have no band. I have no way to support a band because I work around the clock just to survive.

That song up there is from a time when I still cared. A lot.

It's from a time when I actually aspired to get better.

A time I wasn't as good as I am now...

A time when I still had a reason to prove myself.

And I'm still in awe myself at what I was able to do with a little tube amp, a distortion/overdrive pedal, a 22 fret Les Paul, and a whole shitload of hatred and anger.

So yeah, even if you never listen to it, I'm still proud of it.

I'm proud of everything I write.

When I'm up on stage, EVERYONE is looking at me to do something.

When I play, they fucking LOVE IT.

It doesn't matter what I play.

When I am given the venue, I will perform.

I will crush you with my awesomeness.

This song here is the first time I ever made that statement, really.

So that's why this song is important.



Oh man, that's soooooooo good! Headphones on, volume turned up, I could write to that all day....
It's not bad :)

Next time, though, avoid explaining your art work. Just present it simply and it might be received better.

Only thing I might say is that as a piece that's just instrumental, it could use a little more variation in the overall tone, but I still liked it.

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