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The First City


Well, I guess you could say I got so fed up with handling my own writing that I kind of gave up on the greater aspect of it and settled on simply making a city.

Strangely...you can also get lost in making a city.

It reminds me of the saying "I can show you the universe in a grain of sand". Limiting the scope of a story form a whole world, a whole continent, a whole nation, or even a whole city does not mean it need be a smaller story. Long story short, you could write an entire book about a single book in small library.

Take Grand Theft Auto. You could have one narrative going on in this city, but any particular thing in that city- person, place, or thing- could be the subject of it's own story, if not an anthology. Imagine how many sub-plots are going on in your house right now, let alone neighborhood, let alone city. There's a million worlds moving about you right now. A million stories.

By now, you've probably diagnosed my tendency to make mountains out of molehills...

But it's been a little fun and a little frustrating. I am now in piteous awe of the people who dare claim to bring order to these things.

At once, it's a bit educational. Imagine using the iphone versus building it from scratch. Using it, you know little to nothing about it except superficial features. Building it from scratch without having someone tell you what's what, you slowly begin to understand what it actually is. You start from a time before the city began, the reasoning behind it's construction, what keeps it together, how it grows, and...you're studying human psychology and whatever you call the cyclical interaction between humanity and their shifting environment- how each continuously shapes and reshapes the other. In the end, I'm wondering if- despite our apparent autonomy- we aren't actually just very complex, highly proficient agents of reaction rather than action. Do we truly act or are we just reacting to a incredible orchestra of major and minor internal and external stimulus- perhaps only being aware of about ten percent of them. Thoughts for another day...

Studying the city is like studying an organic biosphere because that's exactly what it is- going from a simple organism to a complex one the same way the individual human may have started way, way, way before concepts of apes, as a single-celled organism only concerned with survival. (that's another thing. Single-celled organisms...do they think or do they react? Many celled organisms. Do they think or do they react in many different ways. What I'm beginning to think is that consciousness is not true autonomy. It's a complicated aggregation of options derived both from experience and experience-based projection that's prone to serendipitous discovery of new options and projections (innovative thought) based on lucky misinterpretations or mistakes or simple chance. Sorry...drifting).

By now you've probably diagnosed my tendency to sail away on a tangent. Focus? Hah!

The culture is more complicated to pin to something distinctly physical because aspects of culture originate from both environmental stimulus and pure fancy or favor. The colors one wears...the designs...can come down to pure preference. Everything is based on some underlying practicality in a sense. The concept of clothes is practical. However, there may be many forms of impractical clothing. The impractical part is likely originated in fancy and favor rather than practical sense. Kinda like your choice of tattoo (Boom....lol)

At some point you get to the wars and aggression's and my previous leanings to a form of anti-war sentiment evaporate when you view humanity through it's bare-bone roots. We- like every other creature- while having the capacity for logic and reason and such- are ruled by our desires and impulses. We could work together. That has been true since the beginning of time and actually was more true in the past, but this may never be because innovation does not matter at all. Think about the amount of scientific innovation that has occurred over the course of all human history. When we were animals, having fire would have been a massive luxury. When we were nomads, a warm home and a stable source of food would have been the height of luxury. In this modern day, the things available to the average western consumer would have made a medieval emperor green to the teeth. But we are never satisfied no matter how much we achieve. We're always centered on what we don't have or what we could have. This is why technology will not save humanity. It's not a question about providing for all? That's not the most important question, anyway...

War is a game of wants. War comes because their is either greed and/or deficiency. (something to ponder... not just the superficial reasoning for war. What really motivates hundreds, thousands, millions of people to risk their life? Truly motivates them?) The raider cultures massacred the peaceful settlers all over the world in the past. And hostile settlers massacred everyone- despite having enough- because they wanted more. From where does this concept of "endless growth" come from? Who knows. But by God, it's the one holy commandment every living thing follows genetically. All the noise and the thousand roads to nowhere politics takes to have people barking and chasing theirs and other peoples tales in the street...probably originates from a few human problems...fear and greed. (a teacher once told me politics is the game of deciding who gets what...wonder if that's true)

Needless to say, even making a city seems to be too hard for me. No focus...


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