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The Feather and the Peacock

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
The Feather and the Peacock

As I walked along an old garden path,
I saw a peacock in full bloom. He was
strutting and fanning his tail in all its
feathery glory. It was a colorful sight
to behold-

But the peacock seemed quite
unhappy. I heard him curse and swear and
whimper and cry like a baby. This was
odd behavior indeed from such a vainglorious

I stood beside the young peacock
and asked him why he was so distraught.
He looked me in the eye and said in a
thick peacockian accent---

“One of my feathers refuses to properly
plume out. It’s an old feather that was once
the most beautiful of all my feathers but now
it’s faded and shriveled. I tried plucking it
out but it won’t give and besides it’s in a area
that will leave a unsightly bald spot. I’m at my
wits end. How am I to attract a female

companion in this condition? My beauty has
been compromised.”

I plucked out the feather to the howling peacocks
surprise. I told him that the small bald spot is hardly
noticeable and in time a new feather will grow in its place.
He thanked me in an offhanded peacock way and said
I could keep the feather~

It has become one of my favorite quill pens that I now
possess. It writes with a demons precision…

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Oddly enough, i found this to be a pretty nice story. I especially like the last line. In that beautiful story, it ends with something a little forboding...something sharp, demonic, almost as if the pen was enchanted and capable beyond it's appearance.

:) As you can tell, I really liked it and the picture. Really nice.