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The Falcon' s Talons

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
The Falcon's Talons

She swoops down and grabs me by the tail-
I flip and flop about as she tries rip and tear
me to pieces--- but I wiggle my way to freedom,
by slithering and sliding out from under her talons
and on to her leg. I show my fangs and bite. I
am now the hunter as she falls prey to my venom.
She swoons and loops around in circles as her
wings turn heavy with fatigue. Her eyes flash
with anger--- with her other talon and her razor sharp
beak ---she chews and slices her leg off with me
wrapped around it. While falling to our certain deaths,
in her falconish voice I hear her say,

“It appears that we’re both going to die hungry.”

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Dear Poet God.. you have created a poetic paradox... lol.. of course I think this is fabulous..