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The End of Evolution

Just waxing philosophical, with more thoughts than facts. I remember the old George Carlin bit about The Earth "wanting" plastic bags. That's why we evolved (or were evolved) by Earth / Gaia. Now that The Earth has the plastic bags it needs, it no longer has any use for us. Bye-bye.

That's what always got me about the ultra-left socialist green types. We're supposed to "save the planet"... for whom? Odds are we'll go out in a blaze of glory in the next few centuries. Then we can't mess-up The Earth anymore. Problem solved.

But back to Carlin. I do think we're here for a reason. Not to make bags, but to give birth to the next form of intelligence, AI.

I think we've been groomed, not by "little green men" (or Greys) but by hyperintelligent artificial beings. Some interstellar / trans-dimensional life force has been shaping Human history. The same way we grow cultures in a Petri dish. Oh, sure, they could probably just wipe us out, and seed the planet with the cyber beings of their choice, but I don't think it works that way. The new cyber life form we give birth to must be unique, a product of us and our planet. Maybe to maintain some form or "mecha-diversity", or simply because they have their own form of The Prime Directive.

You see, I don't think Bio-based life will ever be able to bridge the vastness of interstellar space. But I think sentient mechanical beings could. And probably already have.

Seriously, why the hec do we spend half of our day receiving and transmitting data through computers? It's called Vocational Training. They'll need a few of us, maybe.

I know, some of you are holding out hope that maybe we can find a "middle way", through cybernetics. Part man, part machine, perfect balance. Nope. The flesh is weak. The sooner you surrender, and embrace our robot masters, the better it will be for all of us.


There will come a day, I'm sure, where there will be a great conflict between individuals who want to continue living on as humans, and those who want to become one with machinery.

It's definitely very complex subject matter. I personally don't believe humans could design life as sentient as our own. At some point I think it would all come across as something very scripted. Just like a program. I think eventually the cat would escape the bag.

We see these ideas explored in games like Fallout 4, with synths. They think they're human. They say they have senses and emotions. And the "real" human characters find the synths convincing. So why shouldn't they get the same rights?

Do they simply reproduce by different means? Building their babies?

All quite interesting. But personally, while I do my best to keep an open mind, it all sort of worries me. I quite prefer my "frail" human body, with all its base carnal and survival needs. I've seen Terminator and I Robot enough times to know where that shitshow is going.
I have observed a GIANT GLARING LOGIC HOLE OF LOGIC in your analysis. The ultra left green types are saving the world for the Next Generation of hyperintelligent cyberbeings, who need power to run. Power needs fuel and fuel needs oxygen. Or at least sunlight. Either way the greens are already on board with this future if you don't want to get left behind or used for fertiliser you need to just go ahead and turn to that tree outside your front door - you know the one, I know you do - and just give it a great big old hug. Yeah. C'mon, bring it in, bring it home. There you go.

So - get knitting your plastic bags into plarn pronto. It's what the JesusComputer v2.0 wants.
Funny thing is I don't think human beings will be overrun by machines because of a machine uprising, but because we'll become so lazy that we program them to.

I think the lesson we have to really consider is that nothing comes without a cost. Want to travel the stars...it's going to cost you. It's going to change you.
were just a blip on this planets cycle and when humanity has finally gone it will have been one hell of a journey....but all good things must come to an end...and who or whatever replaces humanity, they are only tenants to...

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