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The End of an Era

I finished school for good yesterday. It's been seven years in the same place. It feels like I've spent an eternity at that school and yet hardly any time at all.

Its like I've been a kite flying on a string for so long. Now the string is cut and I have an entire sky to explore. Except the ground has also magically disappeared.
The reality hasn't fully hit yet. I've finished. Completely finished. For three months, I am free! How can I express what that feels like? Although there are friends I am determined to stay in contact with, there are people I've grown up with who I am probably never going to talk to again. We are soon going to be scattered all across the country.

All of my close friends have places at Uni. They'll be studying in nursing, paramedics, teaching, palaeontology, psychology... all sorts of different things. It's so exciting imagining what they're going to do, that they're all going to live their own full and unique lives.

For now, it feels like I have all the time in the world. I can start writing again. I can even write for a whole night and not worry about getting up for school the next day. I can learn things that interest me without feeling guilty for not studying schoolwork.

I've not been on this site for long and have posted very little. But now I hope to be lot more active here and enjoy writing again.


Congradulations, it’s a big
accomplishment. I had that feeling
of freedom without guilt also...without
routine though I was a bit lost.
Mostly because it was time to make
new life decisions on my own... the good
news is...It’s absolutely fabulous.
Word of advice:
Spend a little, save a little. You’ll
maintain your independence with money
saved. Congratulations!

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