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The E.N.D. of B.E.P.

The E.N.D. of B.E.P.

The E.N.D. of my world.
The E.N.D. of B.E.P.
Hearing the sounds of "Boom Boom Pow"
has gotten me to say wow.
It keeps me "Alive"
for I listen to oblige.
"I gotta feeling"
B.E.P's Electro Funk is reeling
in the world's top charts as number 1.
I'm moving my body and feet
of "Rockin' to the Beat".
"Missing You"
has got me feeling blue.
I love being in "Electric City"
The lights are brightly colored and pretty.
A friend of mine did "Ring-A-Ling"
while hiding under his bling bling.
The E.N.D. is a "New Generation"
to the new technology fascination.
The E.N.D. of my world.
The E.N.D. of B.E.P.
The Energy Never Dies
The last of Black Eyed Peas cds
to the dawn of downloading​


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