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the drive, again (short)

“Danny’s Crane Service”. I’ve seen that truck before. How is it that a big-ass truck like that can take all the turns with no issue, while people driving little-cars, road-huggers… comparatively, crawl around these same corners? ‘Lowest common denominator’ comes to mind…

Case in point: yesterday, on the way home, a person stopped at a yellow light. This is a legally, fifty-mile-an-hour road, four lanes… The guy behind almost plowed into her. I call that bad driving. Maybe she doesn’t crash a lot, but geesus, she’s a hazard.

It was a young guy, and he laid the horn on, gave her the finger after passing. I couldn’t help but think don’t pick on the retards… I mean, it’s not going to help. The way people drive is engrained. If they haven’t learned already they’ll never get it.

People like that, if there’s ever an emergency situation they’re just going to freeze up, and then * blammo *. No way are they going to be able to react…


i can never make my mind up with your stuff..fact or fiction just merge to leave me content

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