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The Dream

I just had the most realistic dream I've had in years. I don't dream anymore. Either it's nightmares before my eyes or just random memories. But no dreams, no conversations, no nothing. Usually now when I sleep it's simply a space of unconsciousness that my memory can't account for.

But whatever it was about that night was different. So I thought I'd commit the dream to writing and the most fitting format seemed to be a blog post. Here goes.

I woke up inside my own head. That strange feeling when you think you might be dreaming but don't realize it yet. I'm laying on an antique, almost victorian couch, with a thick blanket over me. A small kitten lies on my head. There's a large television across the room which is playing static, but it's blue static.

I get up and go into the kitchen of the building. Several wires and computers are hooked up to a generator that seems to be powering all kinds of lights. Looking out the window, I see that I'm in a series of shanty-like metal buildings, all of nearly the same shape and colors.

A microwave is the center of these wires. I intentionally press a series of buttons, knowing it's important, and immediately forgot the code. I can't remember what I entered or how I knew what to press.

It was then I got the feeling I was being watched, or something was coming.

I dove back onto the couch, under the blanket, and held the kitten tight. The lights flashed and all the bulbs broke, leaving me in darkness. The kitchen faucet starts running, and the TV turns back on, the same blue static.

The kitten has been replaced by Wilburr. One of his button eyes has been torn off. "I can't see you, it's too dark." He says through the zipper.

"But you need to see me." I said. Now I'm crying. "You need to see me smile." I'm trying to form a smile as I say it, between sobs.

Wilburr starts to nod his head and twitch. Then I wake up with that image burned on my eyelids.

What hellish drugs did I unknowingly consume to fuel this dream? :I


how do you interpret a dream...many books give dif meaning and probably the only one who holds they key is yourself..but the read was very enjoyable and you made a complex set of images set down in a very clear and interesting set of words..enjoyed the read man
Had a couple crazy dreams the past week... well, I guess nightmares would be more accurate. Not sure what they mean though. Guess I haven't given that much thought.

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