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The Divine Idiot

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Character Studies and Philosophies of the Minor and Major Powers of the Annexlexcian Conturium"
note: the names have been changed to fictional ones: except mine (Santo Nicola is fictional as well or at least I hope he is) I integrated this essay as I do all my work into my Trilogy. 98% of this is non-fiction

A Divine Idiot’s Perspective


Like thousands of other self-proclaimed writers and poets I’ve always been drawn to the darker shades and etchings of humanity. Temptation, desire and the seven dark flavors of sin that Mankind feeds upon is fodder and drink for the writer’s ink. Desire, temptation and sin are the arrows, knives and bullets that can either lead us to damnation, salvation, negation or liberation. It’s the different influences, experiences, education and mindset (spiritual or otherwise) of the individual writer that determines what type of interpretation one puts on those darker shades and etchings. As for myself I’m considered somewhat of a magical thinking science and logic loving existentialistic pagan breathing agnostic, a conundrum and a bit of a contradiction to be sure, but nothing is ever truly all black and white or even the ubiquitous gray, but only shades and hues of those pervasive two and its composite. My Novel, “The Trinity Dreamscape” is my interpretation on how the dark and light layers weave and interact together to create one sprawling intricate web of creation out of the nothingness of GOD.

Nothing is ever created in a vacuum (or so the physicists say) or by imagination alone without prior informational criteria acting as its catalyst. That accumulated information forms a foundational base which functions like a filling station for the imagination. In order for any creative activity to find its bones and articulate its position it needs a strong foundation to work with. No matter how original or unique a particular work may be the ideas and imagination that produces that work utilizes gathered information and remixes it into one that is uniquely their own. This work of my fevered mind is no exception. For the purposes of this essay I will only name the major influences and building blocks that helped germinate the weaving of this Dreamscape; for if I was to name them all I would then have to write all the boring details about my thinking patterns and where each and every particular idea come from, which for the sake of space and maintaining interest, I have no intention of doing.

I’ve always wanted to write an Epic Work, written in prose and verse, concerning my thoughts and subjective musings on GOD, Nature and the Creation of the Universe. “The Trinity Dreamscape” is my attempt at writing a biblical version more suited to my temperament and blasphemous impulses. I’ve always found the Bibles version quite lacking in vision and balance although it did leave a lasting footprint on my mind. It opened the floodgates of my imagination and satisfied some of my spiritual cravings by introducing me to the concepts of Good and Evil and of Heaven and Hell where Satan, God and their angels dwelled. Now don’t get me wrong, for I do believe the Bible to be, (in parts) a Literary Masterpiece and a great source of Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom. But I also believe it was written by the priestly elite, wild eyed prophets and God obsessed zealots with a particular agenda in mind which I so happen to fervently disagree with. Notwithstanding that this “Book” was the source of much of my spiritual and intellectual disillusionment and distain towards monotheistic male dominated and chauvinistic religions in general; one can’t deny the great social and religious impact that this “Work” has had and still has in western society (Negative and Positive), as well as being a source of inspiration for writers of all religious and spiritual persuasions.

I’ve used the bible as a foundational template for my novel but the heart and soul of the work lies with other great works that have influenced and shaped my intellectual, spiritual and creative worlds. Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, Virgil’s “Aeneid”, Tolkien’s “Silmarillion” and Wagner’s Opera “Twilight of the Gods”, are the ambrosia that feeds the tapestry. These great masterpieces are the strings that make up the Thread that’s spun and woven into the mosaic that makes up this little mythological epic of mine. Of course, there are a few other strands of strings that help make up the thread but these are of a lesser stitch, with similarities to the works mentioned, so rather than being redundant I felt it best to let the reader fill in the blanks. Much of the flavor, vision and landscape of the Dreamscape were heavily influenced by these literary marvels and in a sense my work is a tribute to their genius. One may think me the arrogant fool with balls the size of Texas to even think that I have the writing chops to attempt such a work and the misguided conceit to even remotely compare my novel to these masterpieces, but if not me, then who?

If not for my rediscovery of the internet some twenty or so years ago, this work of mine would be nothing more than but a whisper in my restless and underused mind. It made me hone in on and take note of my writing skills; a skill that I was sorely lacking in and always found to be excruciatingly numbing and none to enjoyable to do. It was this distaste for writing and my utter lack of discipline in that area that contributed to my leaving the halls of higher learning. I essentially stopped writing (except for the occasional postcard, letter or work-related affair) when I left the academic world in the early eighties to pursue a different vocation in the world of lesser dreams. My first foray into this superhighway of cyber-reality and electronic illusion was on an un-moderated discussion site concerning esoteric topics. It was here that I learned to become a disciplined writer not out of necessity but choice. My dislike of writing waned and my creative juices were rekindled. My poetic and philosophically driven muse came out of exile and helped me pen my first poem in over eighteen years (Nothing to speak of-Dreamscape poem # 5) to a fairly warm reception from a readership mainly made up of psychologists, therapists and new age practitioners. Like a lover’s bite, the poetic bug bit me hard and fast, whereby a magnificent obsession and passion was born. I knew that I needed to find a different venue to better learn the craft as well as to explore the unfamiliar world of poetry and writing in general. After a few years sputtering around the internet looking for a site that would suit my needs I finally hit pay dirt by coming across not one but three writing sites (Lit.Org, Writing Forums, and the Internet Poets Society- {now defunct}) that have influenced, shaped and made me the writer that I am today. If not for them “The Trinity Dreamscape” would be nothing more than a title without a story occupying space in the cluttered corridors of my mind.

Before I end this portion of the essay, I need to acknowledge four outstanding and gifted writers (Semira, Aeron, Elivra, and Zora) that have exerted a tremendous influence on the Dreamscape and on my writing overall. This is not to say that I haven’t been helped and or influenced by other writers on these sites, for surely, I have. But these four in a sense became my earthly or cyber muses; inspiring me to creative heights that I was unable to reach before. They enabled me to create the color and landscape that is the Dreamscape.

Two of my beloved muses (Semira and Aeron) are controversial to say the least, one being involved in a multi-site scandal involving identity issues while the other being banned or cast out due to devilishly impish or erratic behavior attributed to her multi-personas. It was decided (by those who decide such things even though not everyone may have agreed) that {Aeron’s} actions were not conducive to the overall well-being of the writing community in which she was a part of. As for {Semira} she was condemned for doing harm to the gullible, naïve, and trusting by creating a three-dimensional persona (a masterwork) that was extremely active and popular amongst various sites. When that character (Semira) got to hard or tedious to maintain she was then given a fatal disease and killed off. The Internet in general is a strange place, a virtual Theater of the Absurd, were illusion and reality coexist side by side and are often blurred together. Concerning myself, I never had a problem with its illusionary nature although I’ve found that others can’t seem to see-or don’t want to see-what’s inside all that smoke and fog. Those with a literal and linier way of seeing things tend to take it way too seriously. I see these firebrands as great performance artists with a wicked sense of humor albeit a somewhat odd sense of what constitutes fun. Many in the writing community see them in quite a different light. Be that as it may; there is still no denying that they helped and inspired many a writer and their shadows still remain etched on the sites where they bestowed their art. These be my Muses of the Night.

Semira, or the writer behind the created persona, was the one who encouraged me to try my hand at fictional prose while interviewing me for “Exposed” a series-based platform where she interviewed members of the writing community at Lit.Org whom she found of interest. I was a fan of her work and admired her writing skills and when one of that caliber took an interest in my poetry it gave me the juice that I needed to continue to hone my craft. When I posted my poems, it was her critique that I looked for. I highly valued her opinions concerning writing so when she suggested that I consider writing fictional prose (an area of writing I never considered) I took note and seriously considered it. Also, the seed from where the Dreamscape was born was to be found in my answer to one of the last questions, she asked me:

Q: If you could sit down in your library with a group of six (living or dead) what would you want to know, and what would you like to ask?

A: I only need two to sit down with. That would be God and Lucifer.
First I would want to ask if they created us or did, we create them. Then I'd ask them for the meaning of existence and to kiss and make up.

From Her did the Dreamscape take life and for that I will forever be grateful to My Lady Semira for planting the seed…

Aeron is a character study unto itself. She’s passionate, argumentative, brilliant, duplicitous, funny, opinionated, helpful, wrathful and one hell of a great poet/ writer/artist. She’s very much like “Lilith” one of my central characters in the dreamscape. Most writers base their characters loosely on people they know and I’m no exception. Since my novel is a cyberspace baby, most of the people that I base my characters on are those that have cyber lives in the cyber lands. Lilia is one of my cyber-soul sisters-a kindred spirit- (the other being Zora which I will get to in due time) whom I based my character Lilith upon. She has shown great enthusiasm for my work. Her critiques and advice were invaluable tools that enabled me to better hone my craft. She understood the spiritual and philosophical undertones of many of my pieces, especially the Dreamscape and my Circle Poems (a series of poems based on Dante’s Inferno). After each release of a new poem to the set, it was her critique that I looked for, to see if I got the tone and flavor right. After I finished this series, I realized how much I enjoyed doing episodic or series-based poetry. A light bulb went off and an idea for an Epic Poem that turned into the dreamscape sizzled in my brain. And if not for Lilia’s advice and encouragement that she gave me on the circle poems, I may never have attempted to undertake a project such as the dreamscape. She juiced up my ego and made me feel that I had the writing bones to write on a larger scale.

From Her did the Dreamscape take root and for that The Mistress Aeron has my eternal gratitude…

And now for My Muses of the Light:

Elivra will always be for me “The Mother of the Beasties”. Her poem “Creatures”, a delightful and sweet children’s opus, inspired me to write a darker version, where her harmless little bugs became fanged serpents with hellish intentions. They soon took on a life of their own as I became obsessed with my little beastie friends. The beasties series would be dead in the water if Kitten found it in bad form. As a matter of fact, she quite enjoyed my take on her poem and followed the beastie series with keen interest. Her critiques and poetic advice were an immeasurable help towards me finding my poetic voice. I found my poetic bones through the beastie poems. They made me fly amongst the clouds and winds of my imagination and experience the true magic and joy of writing. I eventually tied the beastie poems with another series of mine (the memoirs of LuciFer MorningStar) which made my poetic voice grow skin along with the bones. These poems serve up large portions that is the food and drink that nourished the dreamscape to take root and grow. And if not for Kitten’s enchanting poem the beasties would have never come into being and the dreamscape would remain as but a shadow in my fleeting thoughts. From Her did the Dreamscape find a heart and for that the lovely Enchantress Elivra will live in my memories till time ends and begins again…

Zora has given to me the most precious gift that any writer can ever receive; she loves and enjoys reading the dreamscape almost as much as I love and enjoy writing it. Zora’s a gifted poet (one of my favorites) as well as an experienced and respected freelance writer who became the tapestry’s most ardent fan. My cosmic tale appealed to her sensibilities and weaved its way into her heart: that is all that any writer can hope for- it’s like winning the lottery. Like Lilia, I consider Tina, a cyber-sister-a kindred spirit- and used her as a template of sorts for my character “The Archangel Domini LuciFelicia”-The Lady of the Light-for reasons that are transparent for those who’ve had read her poetry and comments on the writing site of Lit.Org. I’m a notoriously slow writer who writes at a snail’s pace and if left up to me I’d still be on chapter VIII. Her ardent passion for the dreamscape inspired me to expand on the story and quicken my writing pace. Her unbridled enthusiasm for my work juiced up my writing bones and made me impose on myself a deadline of sorts for the release of each new chapter. When I wrote a new chapter, it was her eyes that I hoped would read it first. Now if that’s not a Muse of the 1st Order then I might as well throw away my pen.

From Her did the Dreamscape find a soul and for that the Beautiful and Graceful Zora will always be a part of the dance that Is the Dreamscape…

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include Charbeli, Smithy, Landanis, Darlene and Elizabeth (outstanding poets all) among those who have lifted me up by adding a little liquor to my juice from the constructive criticism and advice they have given me concerning the dreamscape. They in a sense acted as a Greek chorus -a sounding board - that enabled me to fine tune what needed tuning. And if they looked with a fine eye, they would find a piece of themselves embedded in the weave…

In summing up the only thing I have left to say is: No Man’s an Island and it takes more than a village to write a book…


I’ve been a student of mythology in most of its forms for the past forty years or so. Greek, Roman German and Norse Mythology as well as Fairy Tales of any sort were my first loves and remain so till his day. I became immersed in world religions and chose as a course of academic study: comparative religions. My main areas of interest were Jewish, Christian and Pagan Philosophy /Mythology and the Creation Myths that were conjured up by the priestly elite to ensnare, beguile, intoxicate and educate the unwashed populace. For me the broad brushstrokes between light and dark, as well as the tragic overtones in many of these creation stories and mythological histories, is what gave them their existential muscle and an allegorical validity (and for those who held faith over logic - a literal one) that baffled, enthralled and enriched the philosophically inquiring and God starved minds throughout the ages. My working novel, “The Trinity Dreamscape” is my attempt to bring together many of the creation myths and fairy tales, (that have inspired and fueled my imagination) into one cohesive multi-layered weave; as conceived through the eyes of a borderline pagan and agnostic.

The; who, what, where, and how of the origins, roots and meaning of GOD have always held a special fascination for me. Did we create GOD or did HE/SHE/IT create us? Does GOD exist, either as the Other or as Creator/Mother/Father/Son/Daughter or is IT/HE/SHE just a part of our God starved imaginations, something that we needed to create in order to feel special and not alone? Is GOD the Master Weaver who creates the fabric of the universe by peeling away bits and pieces of ITS being; spinning and weaving an intricate and exquisite tapestry of ITS own design and making: which so happens to be the story of Us and the Universe. The answers to these questions can only be answered through conjecture, subjective reasoning, imagination, and ones desire to explore and expound upon metaphysical improbabilities and impossibilities (while a small part within us {or at least myself} secretly hopes what was imagined and conjectured upon exists somewhere in those myriad streams of alternate realities) or by the faithful and hopeful; who are willing to jump off that cliff of logic by taking that leap of faith and landing head first into that deep well of magical thinking whereby God and The Gods do exist and that the heavens, demons, and angels await them.

For the purposes of my book I have painted and spun GOD as the Master Weaver/Dreamer/Artist and Primary Creator, as well as the Unknowable Other, while placing the Gods as Secondary Creators and shadow extensions of the Primary Force. This is indeed an arrogant undertaking best suited for God obsessed fools and writer poets with too much time on their hands and an overabundance of imagination. I confess to being one of those arrogant fools, (with an insane muse roaming around in my head) foolish enough to meet GOD head on and tell HIS/HER/ITS story and hoping that IT will find it amusing. If SHE/HE/IT doesn’t, I can always blame it on the devil and say shE made me do it…

Note: My Shadow Puppet may be a Divine Idiot but He does possess keen insight and has a fair amount of intelligence for a third born. He makes a good case for all the influences that had a hand in his great tale of “Pagan Fiction”. Most of those fictional references were in fact to a certain extent real events in other dimensional rifts. His human influences Semira, Aeron, Elivra and Zora were in fact acolytes from the Red Cockroach and Blue Dolphin to make sure his writings didn’t wander in other directions.

Santo Nicola (the Black Monk)

The MiNeXus Institute


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