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The Deeper Knight Has Come


Dark Knight of Th’dore

It is there in the tales
told by storms, utterances
in tongues of rain spatter.

Knight from a deeper place—
he, who walks in the shadow
of Death, a reaper’s blade.

Stride by embattled stride
he comes, presses the swell
of a tide, a plague in bloom.

Utter Dark

All he is, will ever be written—
amid cold, brittle constellations.
One star, a lone, beacon light.

He, son of the major, the minor,
the hint of brighter life beyond
decayed star tatters, a rift void.

In the lee of the Swan’s shadow
he comes, the gentle reply—
the call, small voices unheeded.

His devotion steadfast. Promises—
unspoken. Tales untold, the pages
unwritten. Legend in sighs hidden.

Knight unseen, veiled by sunsets,
magma fed light, as with deeper
night he wakes. Quietly bright—

Th’dore, Knight of Ursus might.

Deeper Knight of the Ebb Tide

Glen cedes to glacier clad mountain,
peaks weathered by the wind, dusted
to sand cast about the desert fountain.

From peaks to the dunes he, too, goes—
a soldier glad to serve. Minor Th’dore
on a journey to where the wind blows.

In a pelt of deepest colours unnamed,
he strides across cold, bestarred skies.
His quest, Utterance, horror untamed.

Stride by stride, Th’dore forges paths
‘cross the shingle shore of Ebb Tide.

Moor gone to mountain, paws reach,
Th’dore, manx-tailed Dread Bear—
a warrior on the Lost dare beseech.

Horrors, hindrances, terrors of Dark,
he knows their traces, victims’ eyes—
the small slack faces, pale and stark.

From the land of smoke and stars
he carries the true compass point,
the light that lures wayfarers far.

And with that small bit of bright
he breaks stride only at the ebbing
of Turtle’s beloved, mercury light.

Against Utterances dark he holds
a kiss, Turtle Too’s golden might
tucked within night-furred folds.

But what use is that single light
when faced with such darkness,
a tide of malevolence and blight.

Such a secret, Th’dore its keeper,
the name of his little bit of bright,
power kept for darks far deeper—

Stride by stride, Th’dore forges paths
‘cross the shingle shore of Ebb Tide.

The Klingentine

What knight has purpose
without the nameless fear,
ripple under placid surface—

Be it feral sea cleaved to sky,
where Th’dore keeps stride,
marks a path as monsters fly.

Of these beasts so frightful
there is one, feared o’er all,
a predator, an apex rightful.

Kling dong, heed the song,
the Whipping Goat’s bell
for it warns of the throng—

A horde that trails in the wake
of horror, the apex’s true heir—
a beast that makes stars quake.

With keys for talons and toes,
the Klingentine opens doors—
unlocks the Utterances’ Woes.

And out of the forbidden doors
they flood, these hordes of fear,
nightmares at dreamsand shores.

For the Turtle Dark Tide he waits—
Th’dore, Dread Bear, Deeper Knight
upon a shingle shore, awaiting fate.

For it comes, as it will—
and always has, Klingentine,
Warden of Tides turned ill.

Star of Bear, Fox of Socks

Runner with the freshet, a fabled fox
from glacial palisades at last arrives,
for days are dire, as horrors unlock—

Freshet to Alder’s shore, tides blocked.
Th’dore waits, calls for stars still alive.
Runner with the freshet, comes the fox.

And to that quiet call comes the Socks,
ears half mast, button eyes bright, alive—
for days are dire, ripe horrors unlocked.

With Yule’s Tide hope and joy—mock,
dreams awry, as nightmares now thrive.
Runner on the freshet, Star Socks Fox.

Th’dore, key to resetting the tidal locks,
while Turtles sleep, as fear comes alive,
for days are dire and doors now unlock.

One star left, constellations of the Socks—
gone deeper dark. Bear waits, Fox arrives.
Runner on the freshet, the Star Socks Fox
come in dire days, as prisons now unlock

Ogygian of Utter Dark

By torrent and tsunamian surge
shores crumbled, tumbled to ash
dreamsand shores all but purged

The tidal clock dead in the water,
as urchins, a plague start to march
against the nautilus and sea otters

Thirteen moons shone and gone.
No stories, no heroes yet to come
and no stars remain to wish upon.

Storm tide at the Deeping Sound
when the last of the auroras died
rime sheets veil the selkies’ round

Gone all and none, away to beyond
except that old sock, ensnared there
on the Gibbous Stair, a single frond

A banner of war, it called to the beast
tentacles eight by three, the Trioctopi
freed from Coral Deeping in the East

The Ogygian of Utter Dark had come
as foretold by verse and selkie rounds
to cover it all from Weeping to Numb

Thirteen gone, nothing kept in reserve
here in the darkest hour, deepest place
what hope remains, a knight still serves

The Deeper Knight…

Paradelle of the Deeper Knight

Utterance is all and every, loch and vale drowned
Utterance is all and every, loch and vale drowned
Dark has come and with it the Dread Bear found
dark has come and with it the Dread Bear found
Dark Utterance with every loch and vale drowned
Utterance, the Dread Dark Bear, it has been found

Starlight quashed, echoes of the Ripple Gannet’s cry
starlight quashed, echoes of the Ripple Gannet’s cry
Battle standard raised on the Gibbous Stair, socks fly
battle standard raised on the Gibbous Stair, socks fly
Echoes of the Ripple Gannet’s cry, a battle standard
quashed on the Gibbous Stair, Starlight Socks fly—

Obsidian plinth above the seethe of tenebrous roil
obsidian plinth above the seethe of tenebrous roil
Deeper dark cut by volcanic glass, hope recoiled
deeper dark cut by volcanic glass, hope recoiled
Volcanic glass, obsidian plinth cut tenebrous roil.
Seethe dark, Deeper, Hope at Tenebrous recoiled

Dark Utterance, echoes of the Ripple Gannet’s cry
with every loch and vale drowned, the battle standard
has been found, obsidian plinth on the Gibbous Stair
quashed by tenebrous roil, volcanic glass, dark seethe
cuts deeper, Deeper, Hope at Tenebrous, Dark recoiled.
Battle standard Starlight Socks fly, Dread Bear found.


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