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The Cult of the Dead White Guy

One of the things I do when I'm not writing, sleeping, attending to my kids and other dependencies or that other thing that takes up eight hours of my day is, I partake in a band. Well, I say "band" although that suggests levels of coolness which we will never achieve so I think of it more as a sort of loose-form musical collective. What do I do in this loose form musical collective? Well, I sing, I play the bass, a little guitar and every now and again someone hands me a drum and I go bang bang. It's fun. We have a couple of gigs booked up. We even got a synth from somewhere the other day (we acquire random instruments like a child collects schoolyard tormentors) which I have big visions for as I drag our largely acoustic-vocal band kicking and screaming down an electrifying-infinite-motherf**kin-time direction teehee.

Anyway one of the things we are always on the lookout for is music to add to our repertoire. We're pretty experimental so nothing is off-limits but this got me thinking about, and almost being reluctant to suggest, attempting some well-known tracks. I'm thinking your Bohemian Rhapsodies, your Stairways, anything held up as iconic like that. But why was I reluctant to share those ideas? Because, in my head I often hear this voice that shouts me down and says "you can't do that. It's wrong to attempt it". As if it's some sort of goddamn sacred territory. It actually really knobs me off. What the hell kind of uncreative, unimaginative mind would respond that way? Okay, mine, as it happens. But I have heard people say this, and it's that whole worship-the-dead-guy nonsense all over again and ugh!, it's all seeped into my psyche like a sex-pest uncle at a wedding. The weight of tradition overpowering creative urges - such bullshit. Of course the resultant covers may be crap, but one has to attempt them, to shoot for the sublime at all times otherwise what really is the point? And you can always improve it until it's good enough to wheel out in public. Christ, it's not rocket science.

It's just a bad attitude, based on fear rather than striving. Be fearful of things worth being fearful of, not of the pusilanimous judgments of a few small minds too terrified to attempt anything. What has this to do with writing? Not alot. Well, maybe something. But it feeds into daily life. We worship - we effing worship and get kneebound before - dead guys, rich guys, people with silly hats, imaginary guys where we should be dreaming big. It's really, really unhealthy to think that way unless you are unable to function any other way, in which case it's totally fine. :)


Fantastic read....fame an fortune must rock..An if you just like what you do then that rocks to...
escorial;bt8952 said:
Fantastic read....fame an fortune must rock..An if you just like what you do then that rocks to...

You'd know more about fame and fortune than me, Billy Bob. Unless you're talking about the local dementia group and carers who, it must be said, f**king love us.

Not that I am musical, I am a hard rock fan, alternative rock kind of guy. I have often listened to music and thought that if they just did this in a hard rock fashion this would be a kick ass song. All too often great lyrics are destroyed by easy listening music without an ounce of soul.

The biggest sin in life is for a hard rock band to do a slow paced love song...those artists should be beaten severely.

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